March 01, 2017

Crafting and Catching up


Well, come in,  put your feet up! I know it’s been a while! So much has happened since we last spoke, let’s start with the Crafty Catch up.. ‘The what?’, I hear you cry. Well let me explain it, got  your cuppa? Ok good.
In November last year there was an evening which involved wine and discussions about crafting and meetups within the planner and scrapbook community. I was explaining, no I was actually moaning, to my dear friend Emily. I’ve always wanted to attend local events where I can sit and make things and chat and learn… the list goes on. Emily quite simply stated that I should stop moaning and do it, ok she didn’t tell me to stop moaning, that part is in my head but she should have!

Things started happening quickly and before we knew it, the Crafty Catch up had a date, it had a venue and it had plans of unlimited tea, sweets and cake.

It was a ticketed event and all the monies used from ticket sales went back into the day. Venue hire, decorations, raffle prizes, goody bags etc. The Facebook group for the event was full of energy leading up to the day which was amazing, we posted sneak peeks of goody bag items and raffle prizes and the ticket holders kept communicating through it and have made good friends.

On Saturday 18th February, ticket holders travelled from all over the South. We started preparing the hall for their arrival so they could unpack their crafts as soon as they arrived and begin  their projects. It was fab to see everyone in person after a few months of talking to each other in the group.
We had the amazing Suzy from Suzy Stick it attend with her shop, it was so nice to meet Suzy in real life and also the wonderful Joey from who is a bit of a handwriting rock legend in the planner community.
Joey was kind enough to run a handwriting workshop which was very popular. Joey’s handwriting is so beautiful and has recently added find mini brush lettering guides onto her blog.


The goody bags were handed out in the afternoon along with a surprise challenge that no one knew about…

We had mini scrapbooking kits waiting for everyone, they consisted of three scrapbooking patterned papers. 12×12 in size and the challenge was to complete a scrapbook page using only these papers, no embellishments! Which is enough to make any scrapbooker gasp! Of course, not everyone there was a scrapbooker so of course could use the papers for any craft. We saw some gorgeous layouts, and since I have seen the papers used in a planner and to make an amazing folder storage binder! You didn’t have to complete the challenge on the day and I love that I am still getting tagged in the amazing creations. It’s so fantastic what these bunch of creative ladies came up with.

I completely forgot to take a picture of the papers but this was taken on the Friday night while I was wrapping them up.
Here’s my take on the challenge!
…and here are the leftovers from the three papers:

It was so much fun to organise and I loved every minute of the day, I didn’t do any crafting of my own as I was too excited. I wanted to meet everyone and see what they brought. We had crochet lessons, some fantastic coaster making and a mini book binding workshop among many other tips and techniques shared.

Thank you all for making it amazing, I can’t wait to do the next one!
I’m just going to leave you with the fantastic Grace who did a youTube video of her goody bag and purchases from the day.

Speak soon