March 13, 2016


We are slightly Shopkins obsessed in our house, Emily discovered these about a year and a half ago and has been collecting them ever since. If you haven't heard of Shopkins, they are little figurines that come in collections - housewares, bakery store etc. and you can get playsets too. We are currently on Season 4! Emily LOVES anything Shopkins.... yesterday's project was turning a pair of white leather pumps into Shopkins shoes!!!

Aren't they pretty? We have one very happy little girl and I keep thinking of awesome versions for high heels! The possibilities are endless!!!

Bye for now!

March 12, 2016

Well it wasn't on the list

Lists, I love them! I have many, around the house, in diaries, on my phone, I have daily ones and weekly ones, sometimes monthly ones. Work ones, ones for the kids, one for crafting, ones for blogging and even one for planning my planner! 

So how do I occasionally miss something when I have lists for my lists? In this post I said I would be back with the rest of my JYC... That didn't happen and I forgot about it until now. 

It turns out, it wasn't on the list! There's a glitch in the system!!

So here it is, the final (I promise) instalment of my JYC.

Day 30: My year in review

I've ordered this collage from Photobox so there isn't a page to look at yet. I will label it though and write a description for each on a 6x4 journalling card.

Day 31:

New Years Eve! Our Prosecco cocktails and quiet evening in.

Day 32: New Year's Day, another family dinner means another dinner selfie!!

My final page is the difference that taking down the decorations makes.... that's where my JYC ends this time around.

Apart from this cute picture Adam drew of the Grinch.

Bye for now!

March 06, 2016

A bit of traditional scrapbooking

It's Mothers Day here in the UK, I hope you have had a lovely day. Mine started with breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles, a cute selection of handmade cards and then a lovely roast dinner. We visited Nanna and Grandma today too to give them a special hug, their cards and a present.

I sat down to do some scrapbooking as I wanted to catch up on Shimelle's online crop. I only managed two layouts as I started today after the children went to bed. 

Challenge 1 - I chose the Monochromatic colours...

I loved this, I've never stuck to one colour palette before and I loved it. I will definitely try this more.

Challenge 2 - Something that is dear to me.

I was in the zone for using these colours so decided to stick with it!

That's it for today, just a quick one.

Be back soon, bye for now.