February 21, 2016

The final instalment of JYC15

It's half term... Well it was! 

I feel it's been a productive week. I've sorted/cleaned/tidied Emily's room - gosh it needed it! I've kept up to date with my housework (this is a big achievement for me in half term week, it usually crumbles half way through the week and I spend the Sunday before they go back doing it all!) I've managed to get some scrapbooking done... I will share soon. Which made me think about my JYC and how much I didn't want to be sharing it into March!! 

I decided to share some today and put the remaining pics into an online album which I will share during the week. 

This already feels hugely better, I can carry on sharing things without thinking about that album. I must admit it stops me sharing more when I feel like I just need to share it! 

Day 24: Christmas Eve

Saying goodbye to Lilly and Luis Snowsparkle. 

Day 25: Christmas Day

Day 26: Boxing Day

Day 27: I didn't get a picture so need to add my journaling here. It was a day of picking at buffet food and building/playing with toys.

Day 28: Second Christmas!

Day 29: Favourite December moments.

Note to self:
Try and share JYC earlier next year!! 

Be back soon,
Bye for now!