March 12, 2016

Well it wasn't on the list

Lists, I love them! I have many, around the house, in diaries, on my phone, I have daily ones and weekly ones, sometimes monthly ones. Work ones, ones for the kids, one for crafting, ones for blogging and even one for planning my planner! 

So how do I occasionally miss something when I have lists for my lists? In this post I said I would be back with the rest of my JYC... That didn't happen and I forgot about it until now. 

It turns out, it wasn't on the list! There's a glitch in the system!!

So here it is, the final (I promise) instalment of my JYC.

Day 30: My year in review

I've ordered this collage from Photobox so there isn't a page to look at yet. I will label it though and write a description for each on a 6x4 journalling card.

Day 31:

New Years Eve! Our Prosecco cocktails and quiet evening in.

Day 32: New Year's Day, another family dinner means another dinner selfie!!

My final page is the difference that taking down the decorations makes.... that's where my JYC ends this time around.

Apart from this cute picture Adam drew of the Grinch.

Bye for now!