January 09, 2016

January dreams


Have you seen Glitter Girl is back? Today I watched the new episode ad it was so relevant. JYC aside, it has been far too long since I scrapbooked and it was great to watch it and feel my scrapbook bug return. I need to finish sharing my JYC first though, you don't want to see my Christmas album in June!

I've been thinking about cropping a lot lately too, I was always guaranteed to scrap at least once a month then. It is just finding one that is the issue, there does not appear to be many that are close to me. I've often toyed with the idea of setting up my own, not sure how busy it would be though. Do you attend a crop? What makes a good crop? Company, yes. Supplies of Tea & coffee and nibbles, yes. Facilities, of course with all of that Tea and coffee! Anything else? Would you expect a class? or just simply somewhere where you can scrap without having to make someone a sandwich? 

Ok. Now onto some sharing!

Day 6: Warm and cosy.

We now have an open fireplace, we are eventually going to put a wood burner in but until then we are using it for candles and it looks so snug in the evenings. Through Christmas we had the candles going all the time and I loved sitting with a glass of wine watching them glow.

Day 7: My Work's do! 

It's been ages since I went on a works Christmas do! Last year was my first Christmas the company but we didn't have one and before then I worked for myself for three years and didn't have one for myself! It was so lovely to be out with everyone and laugh so much!

I just realised I forgot to take pictures of day 8 & 9 so I will have to stop there for today.

Have a lovely evening!
Bye for now!


Sian said...

It's looking really lovely.

I've never been to a crop. I'm sure I would enjoy the company but I don't think I'd get any scrapbooking done at all. I need peace and quiet for that!

debs14 said...

I used to go to Karen's crop (Tales from the Scrapheap) which were fab. I only stopped going because I lost the love for scrapbooking when I rediscovered my love for sewing and got involved in quilting. The reason why I enjoyed her crop was:
1. It was less than an hour from home, so I could go there all day and still be home in time to go out on a Saturday night!
2. She provided the most scrumptious cupcakes :-)
3. It was not too structured, people made their own teas and coffees and brought their own lunches.
4. The first half of the day was for doing your own thing, looking at other people's work, chatting, eating cupcakes, drinking coffee etc
5. The second half of the day was a class. So if you couldn't give up a whole day you could choose one part of the day or the other.
6. She would bring lots of different bits of equipment, stamps, punches etc so you could have a little play with things that you didn't have yourself and get inspiration.
7. Each month the class was taken by someone different so you got to learn lots of different techniques and styles. Sometimes it was a page layout, sometimes a mini book etc. One time the whole day was taken by Shimelle and we did a whole book!
It really was brilliant, and I met so many lovely people there as well whose blogs I now follow. I miss going, but my scrapbook mojo is a bit lost at the moment.
If you decided to go for it - I wish you all the best!