January 04, 2016

Hello 2016!!

Happy new year to you all!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new Year, we had a lovely day Christmas Day with Steve's Mum and Dad, Brother & Sister-in-Law.

A rest day on Boxing Day and then a second Christmas with my Mum, Dad, Sister, My Auntie and her family and my Uncle and Grandad. 

It was great to have everyone together again as unfortunately we don't do it as often as we like. While we were at my Aunties we managed to skype my mum's brother and then my mum's sister, they both live in Canada. Barry moved out there 7 years ago and I think Jenny moved out there 5 years ago.

Emily was amazed that we were talking to Barry in the above picture, so sweet!

After all of the festivities, drinking and copious amounts of eating I actually managed to scrapbook!!

Day 4:

Adam and Emily's went on a school trip to a Victorian Christmas Museum, they dressed up as Victorians and got to join in with activities from Victorian times. 

Day 5:

Our annual Christmas photo photoshoot for the cards, Adam and Emily made me laugh so much with these this year.. 

 Short and sweet from me tonight, I need to start making some bunting.

Bye for now!


Sian said...

It looks like such a happy family time :)

Susanne said...

Isn't is fun to have multiple celebrations! Happy New Year!