January 29, 2016

Awards and all.

Well this week has gone quick!! It's been a busy one, busier than usual. Steve has been off this week but for some reason it has still been hectic. Emily won a headteacher award today for completeing her word pot and is so excited, she has worked so hard to learn all the words in it and is a fantastic reader now.  How does that happen? How does my gorgeous little baby suddenly read perfectly? Obviously I am thrilled to bits that Emily is learning and growing (well maybe not thrilled about that last bit), it just tugs at any Mother's heart strings doesn't it? 

This photo is a bit fuzzy but I love how proud Emily looks.

So I think we left at Day 17?

Let's hop and jump to Day 18...

 Instead of writing about Christmas dinner, I decided to make this page about our special Christmas Eve dinner and what was on the menu.

Day 19: 

Meeting the main man. 

Day 20: Something special...

Adam and Emily love writing and drawing and didn't have to think twice when I asked for special Christmas drawings.

Day 21: This is the second Eggnog page in my Christmas album, the first has the recipe but no writing. I made this page to give me space to write about my new recipe that I shared here.


Day 22: Favourite memories, of which there are many from this Christmas so I decided to include a gold envelope/pocket to include these.

...and I wanted to include a picture of the kiddies Christingle oranges too

Day 23: My annual page dedicated to Starbucks!! 

I changed it this year as I usually include the cup in some form, instead I added the band from the cup and a picture.

Plus this cute little gift card tag!

Phew, we are getting there. Hope you have a good weekend!

Bye for now.


Sian said...

Just look at her gorgeous smile!

(and some lovely pages)

scrappyjacky said...

Love the family Santa photo.

Susanne said...

Well she's looking deservedly proud - and pretty darn adorable to boot. Your pages are looking great - what a nice variety of memories.