January 13, 2016

A snippet of Christmas

Thank you for your comments and emails regarding my crop post, they were very helpful. I am still thinking about it and researching venues etc but I will let you know if I go for it!

My head is buzzing with projects and ideas, I think it's time to crack open a new notebook and get them written down. I need to plan when I going to start them as I seem to panic if I have too many to do and then a lot of them end up unfinished.. does anyone else do that or is it just me??

I managed to catch 5 minutes today to take some photos of my JYC, I'm going to try and post these so we are not still looking at a Christmas album when it is Spring!

Day 8:

The Christmas Tree! My Main decoration love at Christmas.

This cute little note page is one of Anna Brimbles collections and fits nicely on the back of the tree picture. 

I just wanted to add in something else with the tree picture, it doesn't have any writing on it but I like it that way.

Day 9:

I made Eggnog again!! This year was very different though as I found out in July that I can't have dairy any more, my body simply doesn't tolerate it any more and now I find substitutes... some are delicious and I personally think taste better, others? Well, others are a bit ick! I really wanted my Eggnog so I decided to do test batch number one.... it was delicious and you really couldn't tell it was dairy-free! Naturally, we made test batch number 2 and 3... just to be sure!

Day 10:

Excuse the messy desk, I thought it looked ok until I saw it on the screen! This picture was one of a few taken a while ago when I took them in a random order. Adam and Emily's letters to Santa are in the red envelope...along with some of the cute artwork they sent him. 

Day 11: This years wrapping paper and tags! I do love a doily and it felt like I was doing a little bit of scrapbooking while making the presents pretty.

Day 12: The Christmas magic just gets stronger and stronger with the little ones, it is sad that eventually it starts fading but this year it was heightened. Adam and Emily loved finding Luis and Lilly every morning, they would laugh every day and run around the house until I would hear 'Oh Luis!' 

I am going to write on the blank space, this page protector started off as a 6x8 and I altered it with my sewing machine *Since doing this I have brought a fuse tool and can't wait to try it out!*

I think that's enough Christmas for today, I will be back soon...

Bye for now!


scrappyjacky said...

Your album is looking lovely....loved how you added the egg nog page.

Sian said...

The eggnog page is really lovely. Did you draw it yourself? Very envious here if you did! And the rest is beautiful too..I love the mix up of sizes

Susanne said...

Oh, your album just exudes Christmas charm. Well done.

Rachel Brett said...

Thank you Sian, yes I did. I do love to doodle! :)