June 12, 2016

Hello again

I know it's been a while again, it's nice to pop back. 

Emily turned 6 while I was gone, I know.. 6! I've been blogging {on and off} since before she was born and now my little girl is growing up. Emily is a very funny, happy little girl, her personality is flourishing everyday and we've lost our first tooth. That was an exciting day as Emily had been asking when it was going to happen for over a year! Anything big brother does, little sister wants to do!

Adam is also changing daily, he is more confident and he is working out humor now which has been quite funny. As they discover their sense of humor they either get it spot on or quite wrong, he laughs pretty much all the time, even when something isn't funny but I think thats lovely. We laugh with him regardless. 

I've been the same with work, I haven't scrapbooked in ages but I have been making things. I started making things for my planner {not sure if you remember Kate} and after a while I ended up opening my own etsy shop which is quite fun. I also have another blog that I've only just started but that one is stationery and planner focussed I'm still going to share papercraft type things here.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I am also quite behind with catching up on reading all my lovely blogs I follow, thats something I need to do soon. I might start reading them before bed actually..

How have you been? 

March 13, 2016


We are slightly Shopkins obsessed in our house, Emily discovered these about a year and a half ago and has been collecting them ever since. If you haven't heard of Shopkins, they are little figurines that come in collections - housewares, bakery store etc. and you can get playsets too. We are currently on Season 4! Emily LOVES anything Shopkins.... yesterday's project was turning a pair of white leather pumps into Shopkins shoes!!!

Aren't they pretty? We have one very happy little girl and I keep thinking of awesome versions for high heels! The possibilities are endless!!!

Bye for now!

March 12, 2016

Well it wasn't on the list

Lists, I love them! I have many, around the house, in diaries, on my phone, I have daily ones and weekly ones, sometimes monthly ones. Work ones, ones for the kids, one for crafting, ones for blogging and even one for planning my planner! 

So how do I occasionally miss something when I have lists for my lists? In this post I said I would be back with the rest of my JYC... That didn't happen and I forgot about it until now. 

It turns out, it wasn't on the list! There's a glitch in the system!!

So here it is, the final (I promise) instalment of my JYC.

Day 30: My year in review

I've ordered this collage from Photobox so there isn't a page to look at yet. I will label it though and write a description for each on a 6x4 journalling card.

Day 31:

New Years Eve! Our Prosecco cocktails and quiet evening in.

Day 32: New Year's Day, another family dinner means another dinner selfie!!

My final page is the difference that taking down the decorations makes.... that's where my JYC ends this time around.

Apart from this cute picture Adam drew of the Grinch.

Bye for now!

March 06, 2016

A bit of traditional scrapbooking

It's Mothers Day here in the UK, I hope you have had a lovely day. Mine started with breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles, a cute selection of handmade cards and then a lovely roast dinner. We visited Nanna and Grandma today too to give them a special hug, their cards and a present.

I sat down to do some scrapbooking as I wanted to catch up on Shimelle's online crop. I only managed two layouts as I started today after the children went to bed. 

Challenge 1 - I chose the Monochromatic colours...

I loved this, I've never stuck to one colour palette before and I loved it. I will definitely try this more.

Challenge 2 - Something that is dear to me.

I was in the zone for using these colours so decided to stick with it!

That's it for today, just a quick one.

Be back soon, bye for now.

February 21, 2016

The final instalment of JYC15

It's half term... Well it was! 

I feel it's been a productive week. I've sorted/cleaned/tidied Emily's room - gosh it needed it! I've kept up to date with my housework (this is a big achievement for me in half term week, it usually crumbles half way through the week and I spend the Sunday before they go back doing it all!) I've managed to get some scrapbooking done... I will share soon. Which made me think about my JYC and how much I didn't want to be sharing it into March!! 

I decided to share some today and put the remaining pics into an online album which I will share during the week. 

This already feels hugely better, I can carry on sharing things without thinking about that album. I must admit it stops me sharing more when I feel like I just need to share it! 

Day 24: Christmas Eve

Saying goodbye to Lilly and Luis Snowsparkle. 

Day 25: Christmas Day

Day 26: Boxing Day

Day 27: I didn't get a picture so need to add my journaling here. It was a day of picking at buffet food and building/playing with toys.

Day 28: Second Christmas!

Day 29: Favourite December moments.

Note to self:
Try and share JYC earlier next year!! 

Be back soon,
Bye for now!

January 29, 2016

Awards and all.

Well this week has gone quick!! It's been a busy one, busier than usual. Steve has been off this week but for some reason it has still been hectic. Emily won a headteacher award today for completeing her word pot and is so excited, she has worked so hard to learn all the words in it and is a fantastic reader now.  How does that happen? How does my gorgeous little baby suddenly read perfectly? Obviously I am thrilled to bits that Emily is learning and growing (well maybe not thrilled about that last bit), it just tugs at any Mother's heart strings doesn't it? 

This photo is a bit fuzzy but I love how proud Emily looks.

So I think we left at Day 17?

Let's hop and jump to Day 18...

 Instead of writing about Christmas dinner, I decided to make this page about our special Christmas Eve dinner and what was on the menu.

Day 19: 

Meeting the main man. 

Day 20: Something special...

Adam and Emily love writing and drawing and didn't have to think twice when I asked for special Christmas drawings.

Day 21: This is the second Eggnog page in my Christmas album, the first has the recipe but no writing. I made this page to give me space to write about my new recipe that I shared here.


Day 22: Favourite memories, of which there are many from this Christmas so I decided to include a gold envelope/pocket to include these.

...and I wanted to include a picture of the kiddies Christingle oranges too

Day 23: My annual page dedicated to Starbucks!! 

I changed it this year as I usually include the cup in some form, instead I added the band from the cup and a picture.

Plus this cute little gift card tag!

Phew, we are getting there. Hope you have a good weekend!

Bye for now.

January 17, 2016

December this and that

Hello! Hope you have had a good weekend? 

Mine started off a bit chilly, as did most peoples, I was outside taking part in my first park run. If you haven't heard of it before, it is simply a run (or walk) in a large park. It is free to do, people meet once a week and complete a 5k circuit and you are then given your time. It's not a race, it is just for fun. 

I started running in June last year, I have NEVER ever run before... not even as a teenager. So I had a lot of work to do, I started training a little bit at a time and decided to set myself a goal of running in a park run... and that day came! I did it! Unfortunately, I picked the coldest day we have had so far. Typical! It was ok though, I didn't freeze!

Speaking of which, let's move onto day 13 of my JYC album. 

December weather... 

Which, in the UK, was one of the warmest Decembers in 70 years!

I liked the idea of layering for this topic, and used some sequins and foil confetti inside a page protector.

I also used some white star acetate I had in my Christmas stash, it is a small 3x3 page that I adapted to look like a tag. The numbering is on the acetate and then it lifts to reveal the journaling (when I have completed it).  

I finished the back with a cute little die cut from Anna Brimbles collection. 

Day 14: The places we go!

The girls, My Sister, Mum, Auntie and myself, went out for a Christmas lunch to the same place we had afternoon tea in the summer. They had decorated it with a lovely winter theme and a splash of Christmas decorations, it looked lovely. 

Day 15: Deck the halls! 
I love Christmas decorations, especially trees. I had three up this year which I know sounds a lot but we have a living room and a family room as well as one in the hall so they were spread out!

Day 16: Christmas Entertainment... or Nativities ;)
Adam was poorly with a tummy bug a couple of weeks before Christmas, it was gone by Christmas day but it meant that he missed his nativity. 

Steve stayed at home to look after Adam so he missed Emily's, I recorded parts to show him when I got home including the main part where Emily came on stage. I wanted to include it in my album so I created a QR code, I can then scan it with my phone and watch it when I want.

Day 17: I went with a tradition that I like to put in my album every year, Adam and Emily's cute tree creations!

I love the way they evolve year on year!

That's enough from me tonight *yawn* I'm off to bed soon.

Bye for now!

January 13, 2016

A snippet of Christmas

Thank you for your comments and emails regarding my crop post, they were very helpful. I am still thinking about it and researching venues etc but I will let you know if I go for it!

My head is buzzing with projects and ideas, I think it's time to crack open a new notebook and get them written down. I need to plan when I going to start them as I seem to panic if I have too many to do and then a lot of them end up unfinished.. does anyone else do that or is it just me??

I managed to catch 5 minutes today to take some photos of my JYC, I'm going to try and post these so we are not still looking at a Christmas album when it is Spring!

Day 8:

The Christmas Tree! My Main decoration love at Christmas.

This cute little note page is one of Anna Brimbles collections and fits nicely on the back of the tree picture. 

I just wanted to add in something else with the tree picture, it doesn't have any writing on it but I like it that way.

Day 9:

I made Eggnog again!! This year was very different though as I found out in July that I can't have dairy any more, my body simply doesn't tolerate it any more and now I find substitutes... some are delicious and I personally think taste better, others? Well, others are a bit ick! I really wanted my Eggnog so I decided to do test batch number one.... it was delicious and you really couldn't tell it was dairy-free! Naturally, we made test batch number 2 and 3... just to be sure!

Day 10:

Excuse the messy desk, I thought it looked ok until I saw it on the screen! This picture was one of a few taken a while ago when I took them in a random order. Adam and Emily's letters to Santa are in the red envelope...along with some of the cute artwork they sent him. 

Day 11: This years wrapping paper and tags! I do love a doily and it felt like I was doing a little bit of scrapbooking while making the presents pretty.

Day 12: The Christmas magic just gets stronger and stronger with the little ones, it is sad that eventually it starts fading but this year it was heightened. Adam and Emily loved finding Luis and Lilly every morning, they would laugh every day and run around the house until I would hear 'Oh Luis!' 

I am going to write on the blank space, this page protector started off as a 6x8 and I altered it with my sewing machine *Since doing this I have brought a fuse tool and can't wait to try it out!*

I think that's enough Christmas for today, I will be back soon...

Bye for now!