February 28, 2015

Some Saturday scrapbooking.

Phew, I think we have thawed out now. We were up early this morning for Emily's ballet lessons and although we are used to the cold at this time of year, I think it threw us just how cold it was compared to yesterday. We had bright skies and sunshine, today we have grey skies and clouds again. Yuk! So the coffee was made as soon as we got in to help with defrosting and now Adam and Emily are snuggled watching episodes of Shaun the Sheep giggling to themselves in that cute way that kiddies laugh.

As they are so engrossed in that, I thought I would share a little {only 1 page} scrapbooking with you. I always seem to be pulled back to blues, although it isn't my favourite colour it appears to be my scrapbooking colour.   

 I put together these papers/embellishments from my stash to go with the photos of Adam, they were taken moments after he learnt to ride his bike for the first time. 

..and now!? Well, he whizzes about without the stabilisers.....but that's a page for another day.

Hope you are having a lovely day?
Speak soon.

February 27, 2015

That Friday feeling

 Well I'm glad that's over! Not the week, although it is nice that it is Friday. I mean the illness, we have said our farewells and kicked its behind out of the door. 

Since we had the extra yucky lodger I have missed out on sharing some bits and pieces.. let's start with Kate as it is Friday after all.

I've also got some other exciting things to share that the postman brought during the week.

I can't wait to use these in my PL... swoon!

and a new album for my 2015 pages.. So bright and cheerful!

and finally my mystery treat to myself, I'm going to share more of this later.

Any guesses what it could be?

Speak soon.

February 18, 2015

A scrapbooking catch up

Thank you all for your kind comments for Emily and myself, Emily is bouncing back a lot quicker but then kiddies do don't they? I'm just glad I'm off work this week to help recover.

I wanted to share some scrapbooking as it feels like a little while since 12x12 pages have appeared here.

I printed one of the pictures that featured in last weeks PL as I had a similar one from last year, I then decided that it would be sweet to have them both side by side on a page.

Moving on, we have a pancake day page... from 2012! How little is Adam here?

I finally got round to scrapbooking the arrival of the summerhouse so that can be ticked off the list now!

I used these cute little place setting cards that I brought from Paperchase, I thought the kraft went well with the pictures.

You may recognise this cute little costume from my PL this year, Emily wore it to school for show and tell... well I originally made it for Adam when he was in nursery. 

He wore it for book week, they had a nursery rhyme theme so he was Incy Wincy Adam!

Speak soon.

February 17, 2015

Project Life week 7

Happy pancake day! 

We had fun making and flipping ours. The kiddies thought it was hilarious and just wanted to keep flipping the pancakes!

I love the movement captured in these pictures. 

♥ ♥ ♥

It's Tuesday {just} so that's Project Life day!

Week seven saw a new football kit, another trip away for work. Shrek the musical and Valentines Day!

Cocktails, Sombreros and steak night for the family!

♥ ♥ ♥

Half term has been lovely so far, still feeling a tad under the weather but resting loads and enjoying the lovely sunshine we have had over the last couple of days. It's definitely helping!

Have you had nice weather lately?

Speak soon.

February 16, 2015

Me on a Monday

...It's a cold, snuggly kind of Monday. The one where there is coughing and sneezing, tissues at the ready and endless cups of tea. The one where you add more layers but you are still cold kind of day, where the littlest girl of the house wont let go of your leg and you wont let go either kind of day...

...it's a 'the girls in the house are poorly' kind of day.

After a fun packed weekend with cocktails on the Friday night.

and sombreros in the restaurant before going to the cinema {We spent the whole evening giggling from the moment we met up to the moment we went home}. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday the girls were up bright and early for ballet and the boys went to football practice. After ballet Emily decided to help me with the chores {dressed as Elsa of course}...

...then had a quick costume change to help with the hoovering!

 Saturday was also Valentines day, we had a lovely family day chilling then all had steak for dinner {a valentines treat for the kiddies too}.

and Sunday's are traditionally our chill day!

How is your day? 

This post was brought to you from Sian's 'Me on a Monday', pop by and say hi!

February 14, 2015

Happy V Day!

Hope you are all having a good valentines day, whatever you are doing. 

I've had a lovely chilled day so far and just wanted to share the lovely valentines postcards I have received from Sian's postcard swap. Thank you Sian for organising it.

It has been lovely receiving these gorgeous little treats through the post and they will be appearing in my PL or scrapbook pages soon.

Aren't they lovely? 

Have you had a good day?
Speak soon.

February 13, 2015

Phew it's Friday!

Hello all, hope you are enjoying your Friday? I'm particularly pleased to see this Friday as it means it is officially now half term! Yay!! It's been a manic couple of weeks so I'm glad of the rest that's coming.

I'm even a bit off track with posting so I have last weeks organiser pages to show as well as this weeks:

At the moment, we do not have anything planned for half term. The kiddies need a rest too so we are going to take the week as it comes really!

Of course, trying to take lots of pictures along the way! Adam and Emily are at the age where they are really into craft too so we may craft together and venture outside if the weathers ok.

So that's it... do you have any plans for next week?

February 10, 2015

Project Life week 6

Week 6! Gosh!

♥ ♥ ♥

Week 6 saw a coastal view and then some snow! A cute big brother helping his little sister and a shameless selfie!

Week 6 also saw a new crafting treat, a beautiful blue {but cold} sky. An excited little boy spending his Christmas money and getting a worker of the week award.

...and of course, it's now February!

Love the cute heart divider!

Speak soon.

February 09, 2015

Me on a Monday

It's a Monday... a normal Monday. A run around for work kind of Monday, pick up the children and make dinner kind of Monday. Clean up and get changed kind of Monday, a flake out and blog kind of Monday..

...after a simplistic weekend, A Friday evening out with friends, laughing and a little dancing {I forgot to take photos, argh!}

A Saturday shopping with family, spending Christmas money and some goodies arriving in the post...

...and Sunday?? Sunday was a housework/crafting kind of day ;)

Speak soon!

February 07, 2015

1 Kit 4 pages

Remember this kit? It's the Scrapagogo Essentially GO GO October 2012 kit 

I decided to do another 1 kit 4 pages as I really enjoyed the challenge last time, I went to the box of 'to scrap' photos again and picked some that match the papers.

I forgot to take step by steps....sorry!

Doesn't he look so little here?

My very messy little girl....

Adam loves fireworks and this cute little face says it all really!!

I have to admit, I cheated slightly. In the kit was a yellow sheet of plain cardstock, I really wanted to use yellow to compliment the picture but it didn't look right so I use this sheet of PP from my stash instead.

Emily used to have quite a few pickle moments! 

Journaling says: When the Tesco shop is delivered the bags are left on the kitchen floor until we have finished putting them away. This time while we were busy putting the things away, Emily managed to open the box of eggs and take one out to the hall. I then caught her like this!!

Have a good evening!
Speak soon.