January 30, 2015


Hello Friday.. it's nice to see you. This week seemed to take a while to get to you!

Fridays to me mean, winding down, preparing for the weekend and of course sharing Kate!

I though I would share a layout too today, This was created from one of the page kits that was left in my crop bag so I'm pleased I finally got round to making it.

I based it on one of the layouts from Shimelle's class '4x6 photo love', I've made this layout a few times as it's a good way to include quite a few photos.

...that's another layout from 2012 ticket off - check! 

Love those sparkly gold letters too! 

Speak soon

January 29, 2015

My office {ahem, craft room}

Last week for my 'Me on a Monday' post I gave you a sneaky snippet of my office {ahem, craft room}. This is in my summerhouse, remember this being built?
It was built to be my beauty room and was used as that for a couple of years until I stopped doing it, my new job required office space so Steve transformed it for me and I spent a week or so building new furniture and moving all of my craft things into it.

Apologies for some of the mess, I took 'work in progress' pics!

Would you like a tour? This is the view from the door:

...a bit closer up and you can see my expedit shelves.

Plus a view of where I sit and work {scrap}, In all seriousness.. I do work! ;)

Behind my desk is a smaller expedit unit with all of my albums and my all important coffee machine to keep a girl going during the day!

I like how colourful they are... then we zoom out! 

Hidden behind that door is where my craft room used to be, it was much smaller and my desk took up most of the room so it's nice to have working space now as well as storage!

When I craft, I get up and walk around to stand in front of the blue cutting mat, then I have lots of things to hand in baskets on the trolley {an ex-beauty trolley}.

It needs a tidy up when I eventually get round to it, I like to keep current projects quite accessible otherwise I won't finish them.

What does your work area look like? Are you neat and organised or messy and organised like me?

Speak soon.

January 28, 2015

Auto-pilot setting has commenced

It's been a very busy day today, I haven't had two minutes to sit down and process. Some days we just don't have enough time to reflect do we? I don't think it helps that I think I have a cold coming. My brain has started the 'shut down' process, whereas my body is running on fumes or on the autopilot setting that all mum's/women seem to have.

I had planned to do a very different post today but hey-ho... let's go with it. Instead I will show the before pictures of the post I was going to do....

This is the Essentially GO GO October 2012 kit from the lovely departed Scrapagogo kits......

Doesn't it look lovely? I will be back when I've re-booted to hopefully share some more of this kits adventures.

Speak soon.

January 27, 2015

A new look and Project life week 4

I'm so excited to finally share my blog makeover with you. Anna from designer blogs has been working behind the scenes to add all the gold and pink prettiness to it, if you are looking for a reasonable priced blog makeover then I would definitely recommend them. They are so friendly and very quick!

♥ ♥ ♥

Last week started with Emily taking her new bag to school, she was so excited and asked me to take her picture. It has Elsa from Frozen on it and Emily couldn't wait to show her best friend who also loves Elsa.

I went to London on Tuesday for a team meeting and was surprised at how quiet the tube was, it's not usually when I go that way!

The rest of the week was filled with motorway driving {getting stuck on it too} working from home and a little felt making {as posted about yesterday}.

♥ ♥ ♥

I'm not sure if my camera on my phone needs a clean or if it's the weather lately but I'm struggling to photograph my pages. They just do not seem very clear lately, I've never had this trouble before... 1 or 2 may look a little different if the weather is grey but not every picture. It's something I need to review so apologies for current photo quality!

Speak soon!

January 26, 2015

Me on a Monday

It's an early start Monday, the one where you do the school run and kiss the kiddies goodbye kind of day.. a drive to meet a work colleague to discuss an upcoming appointment kind of day. A get back in the car and drive some more kind of day... it's a typical work on the road, not from home kind of day.

Where as the weekend was a kind of weekend that was filled with dress up, first with Anna...

... then Doctor Anna, complete with Rapunzel hair. It was a chores kind of weekend too, the kind where I had little helpers that insisted on carrying things for me.

It was also a drawing, writing, reading and maths kind of weekend. 

...and a making weekend, a sewing kind where you did out something you haven't done since before Christmas. 

and finally it was a cozy weekend, a 'let's all snuggle and watch pink panther' kind.

How was your weekend?

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Speak soon.

January 25, 2015

Photo of the week

We were all in the front room together over the weekend, Steve and I were chatting and looking at something when we noticed it was rather quiet. We looked up to see Adam & Emily arm in arm watching the tely, I don't if they were not aware that they were doing, I mean like instinct kicking in but it was just too cute not to photograph!

Speak soon.

January 24, 2015

Google +

Quite a few things changed while I was away from Blogging, one of the main changes I've noticed is that blogger is now linked more to Google than it was before. In particular something called Google plus, this is probably old news to most but I have no idea what it is!
Blogger keeps trying to get me to upgrade my account to it, free of course but because I have no idea what it is I am worried things will change too much.
Does anybody out there know about Google +? Is it worth upgrading?
Speak soon.

January 23, 2015

Kate Friday's

With all this grey weather we are having it's getting harder to find a nice open, light area for taking pictures so I took this one outside!

Kate looks rather busy here doesn't she?

I've had a busy week at work so I am quite glad it's Friday today. I'm looking forward to relaxing a little. I'm meeting a friend tonight for dinner and a catch up, we usually see each a few times a week but haven't had a good catch up in a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to that.

Speak soon.

January 22, 2015

the document series - part 2

Sharing my document 2011 with you last week has made me go back and look through some of my albums. I really enjoy making these pretty pages and find it's not often that they are looked at. I think that needs to change! If I looked at them more often I would have realised that I hadn't finished Document 2012...I picked it up to start photographing the pages and found September to December missing!
Thank goodness for digital, my printed pictures are not quite as organised as my digital ones! I managed to complete the last four months quite quickly once I had printed my pictures and embellished the cover a little too.
So, now I can share Document 2012! 


Speak soon.

January 21, 2015

1 kit 4 pages

Remember these from last weeks post?

I'm trying to clear through my box of photos that I printed out ready to be scrapped. There are quite a few!! I thought what better way to do than use up the kits I found in my magic crop bag. This is the Essentially GoGo August 2012 kit: {well most of it, I forgot to take a picture of it after I had removed the bag!}

As you can see, I have already sorted it out! I started by choosing photos that match the theme of the papers, this kit had a sunshine & showers type theme. The next step was sorting out the kit into piles, the PP was first, then the cardstock, the embellishments and other bits were last.

 As you can see, there are only three piles of prettiness here and the eagled-eye'd bunch will notice my post title says four! There is more to come I promise!
The kit had these cute Sun and cloud embellishments in white but I felt like the suns should be yellow {or gold} so I found my Mister Huey Gold mist....

....and got spraying!!

Doesn't that look pretty and wonderfully messy!?

They work so well with the paper!

This is the first layout I created using only the kit, I cut up one of the PP's that had doilies all over it and used them as embellishment. The lit also came with a sheet of printables so I cut out the ones that I thought matched each page and it's colour scheme.

Ooh, there's one of the cute clouds...

The PP for the second layout had a cloudy theme and I thought it went well with the pictures I had of Adam + Emily gazing out of the window at the never ending rain... this was taken in JULY! That was a bad month for weather that year!

Apologies for the photo quality. It was a very wet, grey day here when I took them!

I love this cute pin embellishment that came in the kit, I have glue it so that you can still move the pretty beads - if you so choose to that is!

Onto the third layout, I really like the colour scheme here. Again, I used the doily and used my EK success heart punch to add an extra touch.

After making those three layouts, I was left with this: 

Excuse the onesie knee! {Oops, how did that get in there?} I was determind to make another page out of what was left and in the end I think the last layout has to be one of my favourites from the kit.

 I cut up the doily paper some more to give the page more of a flow...

...and even cut the cute bunting and bigger border from the print on the back of it.

There you have it... my 1 kit, 4 pages.

I'm still on the lookout for a new subscription kit if anyone has any recommendations?

Speak soon.

January 20, 2015

and coming in at number three...

Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend Steve's mum and Dad took Adam and Emily out to a Pantomime, It was a treat they booked before Christmas and they have been so excited about going.... that meant I had a little quiet time to complete week 3 of my project life.

As you know I was away from Mon-Weds evening for work last week so the first part focusses on that. While I was away there was a 1920's themed dinner night, everyone made a really big effort to dress up and looked great. It also snowed there while I was away which was a tad exciting as It doesn't snow much here. I did however come back to lots of rain and wind, so much so it blew a chair {they are quite heavy} off of the deck onto the grass!

 Week three also saw Adam getting new shoes {so cute, he was so excited he wore them from the minute he got home from school until bedtime}, a Power cut {from all that wind} and a lot of cold, frosty mornings.

I already love the difference of the weeks, so much happened in week one with the new year. Week two was busy with a week of 'back to'  and week three felt like I had missed a lot of the week but I suppose that's life and I like the fact that PL shows this.... so I think it's safe to say I'm enjoying it!

♥ ♥ ♥

After taking photos for yesterday's post I realised I haven't shared what my work/craft space looks like now, so I will be sharing that soon.

Speak soon!

January 19, 2015

Me on a Monday

It's a work from home kind of day....

...a walk to the bottom of the garden kind of day

... a warm your hands up on your cup of coffee kind of day.

... a stare into the computer while it starts up kind of day...

...an answer the telephone kind of day

It was very much a 9-5 day.

How was your day?

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Speak soon.