December 13, 2015

December so far

It's been a busy December so far, possibly the busiest December I've ever had. Maybe because the children are older or we have just been more sociable!!

December kicked off with Dec day, this has been a tradition of ours for at least 10 years, maybe more? So Dec day falls on the first and its decoration day, the magical day I look forward to all through November. I love Christmas decorations and spend ages putting my them up, of course this year I was more excited as I had to decorate the new house! I got to few new and exciting places to put the decorations.


On the 1st Luis, our elf returned and he brought a friend - Lilly. Every day Luis and Lilly Snowsparkle turn up somewhere different after returning from a hard nights work at the North Pole. 

Here's what they have been up to so far:


Santa visited the new house, the children were so excited and ran out onto the drive to watch him go by in his sleigh. 

We also visited Santa at the Rare breeds centre and I got to make a candle centre piece and drink mulled wine while the kiddies decorated their cupcakes.


I had my works Christmas do, we ended up bowling which I am so bad at but enjoyed laughing at the same time! 

Our neighbours hosted a Christmas party for the adults and children from around the neighbourhood which was so much fun and so nice to meet all the grown ups as before then we only really recognised the children from playing outside. Santa visited there too and gave all of the children a present. 

Steve and I went out for dinner and Christmas drinks and that pretty much brigs us up to date!

I had a child free day in with all of that so I managed to make a dent in my JYC album which I will share in my next post as I'm aware this one is quite long now! 

Have a good evening!
Bye for now.


Sian said...

It sounds like you are all really getting into the Christmas spirit. Would I have expected anything else?!

Melissa said...

Sounds like it's been a lovely December so far! The house decorations look wonderfully festive!

Susanne said...

It looks like it's been a lovely December too.