December 02, 2015

December beginings

So there's kind of a pattern forming, every year I pop up before Christmas then drop off the face of blogger earth around January/February! I come back vowing not to do it again, well this year I'm not going to do that (vow to not do it, not just not come back on purpose!). I am going to try and be a better blogger though... Opps have I just made that vow in a different way?! 

Anyhoo! I love blogging, I love looking back and reading and thinking 'Oh yeah! I/We/They totally did that!' I like the virtual diaryness (another Rachel word) of it. I've downloaded the blogger app again, I didn't use it last time as I'm a control freak (at last, those words are released!) and couldn't let go that I couldn't do more in the app before it was published. I've made peace/found a different way/satisfied my control addiction now so it's all good.

So here's a quick catch up....

Last time we spoke it was April, there had been birthdays and Easter egg hunts and I was sharing Project Life. Hhmmm, Project Life! I need to dust off that album, I can't even remember if I have completed more pages or if I just stopped at April?? One to check! I haven't actually done any papercraft since around that time and thinking about that is quite upsetting, I won't dwell on it though because there are reason's why this happened. It's a lovely reason and it completely turned our routines upside down but they are settling again now. 

No I'm not pregnant and I didn't have another baby! Eek, two is enough for me. I only have two hands, one for each child in a state of emergency. So what was it I hear you say loudly to your screen... it was because of this:

We moved! It was a long, stressful process as they normally are but it was so worth it.

Do you have some news I should catch up on? I have a lot of catching up to do.

Bye for now.


Sian said...

lol! I was hoping you would pop up for Christmas!

debs14 said...

Welcome back! Moving house with two young children is a very good reason to fall off the blogging wagon!
I tend to use The blogger app to start off a post, the save it as a draft then 'tidy it up' on the computer just before publishing!
Looking forward to reading more of your life in the new year!