December 20, 2015

A bit of JYC

I'm way behind on my Christmas album but I'm off work now and I'm working through my to-do list so it's getting closer to a craft day! There are still Christmas Lunches going on, drinks with neighbours and a Christmas Eve dinner to plan.. phew! There is a day in there somewhere to scrapbook *looks through diary worriedly*
I have completed some pages though, I loved Shimelle's idea of having a family picture at the beginning of December and have included that in my manifesto page.
I haven't journalled yet... that's another thing on my to-do list! I will journal over the vellum square though.

Our first signs of Christmas was when Luis came back and he brought a friend with him, Adam and Emily woke up on the 1st December to a North Pole Breakfast.

Again, I need to journal!!

I swapped day 3 and 4 over.. I used a 3x4 card that I made last year and didn't use but it went perfectly with the happiness theme. Santa came to our new house, the children were so excited and so happy that he knew where it was!!

They followed him all round the cul-de-sac with all the neighbourhood children shouting 'love you Santa!' It was lovely to watch and definitely made me feel warm and festive!
Be back soon with more.
Bye for now!

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Susanne said...

It looks like you JYC is coming along quite nicely - well done.