April 17, 2015

That Friday feeling

It's been a busy week!
We went to see Paddington at the cinema on Monday, I managed to get some cheap tickets and it only cost £4.80 for Adam, Emily and I!

Tuesday we went to a farm/play park/picnic area, it was a lovely hot day and we ended up staying all day playing and enjoying our massive picnic!

Adam and Emily loved seeing the animals and then spent literally all day playing! Oh to have that energy!

Wednesday was a scorcher and we spent the day outside, a friend of mine brought her little boy over and the kiddies ended up playing with water all afternoon and then we had our first BBQ of the year. A beautiful day!

Thursday was pretty cold in comparison to Wednesday and quite windy! We went out for lunch to a little café in our town and met some friends there. Emily took her babies in her pushchair and of course was dressed as Elsa - complete with Welly boots!!

Adam wore his wellies too then complained that he had chosen shorts {I did tell him!}

and as it is Friday I will leave you with week 14 of my Kate Spade.
Speak soon.

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Sian said...

I love the determination of the Elsa dress wearing..any weather, any time!