April 10, 2015

So my friend Kate....

 Emily has a Frozen themed ballet day today, they get to dress up so you can imagine how happy this has made Emily! Steve was on nights last night so Adam and I will drop Emily off then we are going to meet with some friends at an indoor play park.

Before we go, let's take another peek at my friend Kate.
Week 12: Steve's birthday, a fab parent/teacher meeting for Adam & Emily, working from home and an open house for viewings.
April is coming!
Week 13: My Nephew's birthday, drinks to celebrate, Easter projects, a poorly boy, more house viewings, cocktails and a clock change!
Week 14: Even more viewings, last day of school for Adam & Emily, APRIL FOOLS, Easter weekend and a handful of birthdays!
 Speak soon.

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Ashley Calder said...

Your planner is seriously cute. :)