April 06, 2015

Red Nose Day fun

Let's have a little catch up then shall we?
Red Nose Day - March 2015
For Red Nose Day, Adam and Emily had to do something funny with their face for the day. Adam decided he wanted to look like a Lego man with a moustache and Emily wanted lots of colourful dots and mad pipe cleaner hair.
Look at Emily photo-bombing!!
They had great fun and took in their donation to school.
I'm still managing to do a little scrapbooking every week, I just need to get a move on and share some more with you.
Have a good Easter Monday!
Speak soon



Susanne said...

Those snaps are adorable, what a fun page.

Sian said...

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter!

I love how all the red accents in your photos, and that beautiful bright wallpaper, really set the scene for the page about Red Nose day!

debs14 said...

You've really captured the fun of Red Nose Day ! A great page.