April 22, 2015

Project Life weeks 13 & 14

We went out for a bike ride last night which was lovely, it was the first time all four us went. Usually it is one adult and both kiddies. Emily was a bit tired so went on the back of my bike in her seat, Emily is so petite that she still fits in it.
Adam was biking behind me and I turned around to check him {Steve was there too but you know what us mum's are like!} and lost my balance. Rather than let the bike fall with poor Emily in it, I put my foot down too quick and managed to twist my ankle! Ouch! So today I am working from home {after I have written this of course!} with my foot up. It's so frustrating as I was going to be travelling to London today to see the team but I can't put any weight on it so I can't see me jumping on and off trains and tubes!
Anyway a bit behind schedule, weeks 13 & 14 of project life.
Week 13 saw a poorly Adam , my nephew's 15th birthday, coffee and cake, Easter projects, tea with a friend and some funny selfie's.

Week 14 saw some achievement certificates, Easter goodies from school and a walk in the sunshine.
Week 14 also saw the arrival of April

More Easter goodness, with the start of the Easter holidays, Egg rolling, family time, my niece's 15th birthday and a caravan selfie!

On another note, does anyone know about Scrapagogo retreats? Do you go? Or are you planning on going to one?
Speak soon.


Sian said...

Ouch! Hope it feels better soon. I bet she loves that seat..our girl did, many years ago

Your pages are so full of life. They're lovely

Lizzy Hill said...

Iota horrid when you're doing a fun thing that turns (sorry...) bad:/ hopefully it will be better quickly - really enjoyed your PL.... The weekly 'run down' card is a great idea:):)

Melissa said...

Bummer about the ankle - hope it mends quickly! Your pages look great - I especially like the collage of their funny faces!

Becky said...

Visiting from Melissa's blog :) Love your PL pages and hope that your ankle is now healed.

Melissa said...

Just popped by to say Hi Rachel - been missing you in blogland and hope all is well in your world!