April 15, 2015

New York, New York

Remember this...

It's finished! It's quite full so I may share it over 2 or 3 posts.

I used a 6 x 12 Beige cord American crafts album, I have had this album for ages and I'm really pleased I held off using it now.

Throughout the album I have used divided page protectors as I had a lot of 6x4 photos to add in.

My gosh, I look so different there!

I loved the maps, we had a few of them as they were handed out pretty much daily and we actually used them so I wanted to include at least one through the album.
It was very cold in New York in November but look at that sky!!

We had a bit of a shopping theme in beginning of our trip, can you tell?

A bit of central park from our horse and carriage ride...

...and I had to add in a couple of dollars {much to Adam's disgust, he wanted to keep them!}

The dollars were stapled to the page protector, I didn't want to glue them down and hide the back so this way you can see more.

Yummy Milk Duds! I took a bit of a shine to these on our honeymoon {so did Steve} so I had to get some more!!

That's part one! I will share more later.
Have a good Wednesday!
Speak soon.


Sian said...

It's fab! I just love how you have made the album look like one of the famous New York brown bags. That's so clever! I can't wait to see more

Karen said...

What a great album---and I mean both the cover and your scrapping! It looks like you took in lots of great things in New York. We live about 8 hours away. It's so expensive we never vacation there, but when I was in college and before we had kids, we went in with my dad every time we visited. It's been years since I've been there, and you're making me want to change that!

Ashley Calder said...

Love this!! It just captures the whole trip perfectly. I love how much ephemera and little bits you collected and saved!

Melissa said...

Yippee for completing the album - it looks great! I had to laugh when I saw the dollars because it seems strange to save those . . . but then I realized that, of course, I've saved currency from the countries we've traveled to over the years. :)

Susanne said...

Adorable cover and it looks like you had a fab time.