April 18, 2015

Egg rolling

I'm definitely having a year of completing things and trying to get more up-to-date. Like Egg rolling.......Egg rolling?!
Egg rolling is something we have done with the children since 2009, to catch up on what egg rolling is check out this post.

My first egg rolling page, this was the first year Adam joined in with Aidan and Jodie. I complete this page and the next page quite a few years ago and then for some reason I never carried on scrapbooking this tradition!!

Until now! I spent a couple of hours this week printing off all the pictures I have from egg rolling over the years {I love digital cameras} and making pages that were based on the two originals I had made.
Egg Roll 3 - 2011

2011 was Emily's first egg roll, Adam was quite into it by then and spent most of the time laughing.
Egg Roll 4 - 2012

Emily was the one laughing this time!!
Egg Roll 5 - 2013

We went away to Steve's Mum and Dad's caravan this year and it snowed while we were egg rolling!
Egg Roll 6 - 2013

I can't believe this was only last year, the difference in these pictures compared to this years is quite mad! Especially in the older ones.
Finally, Egg Roll 7 - 2015.

It has been so lovely looking back through this and comparing them all.
Speak soon.

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Sian said...

I love this! Egg rolling is something we do here, though if it's a good day we take them outside and roll them down a hill

Great progression of pages