March 20, 2015

Neglecting Kate

Poor Kate has been a bit left out recently, looking back though I can see how it may have slipped the blogging world. so busy!! Just as I thought I was catching up too.

This was my poorly week, hardly any blogging happened here.. onto week 10.

Week 10 was full of jobs, catching up jobs, cleaning jobs, sorting & tidying jobs and this is why...

We have decided it's time to make the next step, I will be sad to say goodbye as we have been here nearly 9 years. Both kiddies arrived here and my blogging journey started in this house too. Lot's of memories! 

Onto week 11, A handful of birthday's, a for sale sign, a viewing, red nose day and mother's day.. my goodness what rollercoaster of a week.

I will be back with the next episode soon.


Sian said...

Ooh, exciting times with your house on the market. Best of luck!

Susanne said...

Kate is looking pretty fancy there. Good luck on selling your house and taking the next step.

Lizzy Hill said...

Wow! Big changes afoot:):) good luck with it all!!!

Louise said...

you can take all those memories with you. good luck with selling and finding x