February 05, 2015

Project... from mind to paper!

I'm so glad for the new enthusiasm I have for scrapbooking, it's made me pick up and start a project that I have been meaning to do since 2007. I made a promise to myself to try to be good and work through old planned projects rather than letting the dust settle on them... so far it's working. I have completed loads of pages using photos from the box of 'to scrap' ones too and feel positive about continuing.

The other positive is that it has MADE me use up some of stash, it needs updating and replenishing but I want to use up what I have first.

This project will go on for a few weeks I think, It's a trip I went on in November 2007 and we managed to pack a lot in so there is a lot to cover!

Speaking of covers....

Speak soon.


Melissa said...

New York trips are so much FUN to scrap - looking forward to seeing your progress on this project!

scrappyjacky said...

Love your cover.

Sian said...

You've got me wanting to see more now