February 13, 2015

Phew it's Friday!

Hello all, hope you are enjoying your Friday? I'm particularly pleased to see this Friday as it means it is officially now half term! Yay!! It's been a manic couple of weeks so I'm glad of the rest that's coming.

I'm even a bit off track with posting so I have last weeks organiser pages to show as well as this weeks:

At the moment, we do not have anything planned for half term. The kiddies need a rest too so we are going to take the week as it comes really!

Of course, trying to take lots of pictures along the way! Adam and Emily are at the age where they are really into craft too so we may craft together and venture outside if the weathers ok.

So that's it... do you have any plans for next week?


Sian said...

Your planner pages are so pretty, this diary will be a pleasure to keep

JO SOWERBY said...

so far meeting some friend for coffee and cake and then fill in the blanks lol
Jo xxx