January 13, 2015

Week 2? How did that happen?

Week two, a week of 'Back to' and 'new', again it has gone so fast. Christmas left us realising that we needed more storage so an ikea online order later and we had furniture to build! A new shelving unit for Adam's room, a smaller unit for Emily's room and porch storage for all the shoes!

Week 2 saw Adam and Emily going back to school after the Christmas holidays, Steve went back to work on the same day but after 4 days off. I went back to work on the same day too. Adam started football again and Emily's ballet returned!

Adam finally got his new Lego star wars bedding that he has wanted for a little while so he is a happy boy now. His bedroom no longer looks like a little boys room {apart from his Thomas curtains but they are going soon too!} and now resembles a big boys bedroom. Adam keeps telling us it's because he is nearly a teenager now {as you know, he is 6 but we just nod and smile} and teenagers have big boy bedrooms.

♥ ♥ ♥

I'm so excited o share some new things with you this week... what would you like to see more of?

Speak soon.


Sian said...

I know its not much help to say show us anything you've got going on! But that's what I think. I'm glad you're back

Melissa said...

How FUN - Lego Star Wars bedding, of course it's a big boy's room now! :>)

debs14 said...

of course he's almost a teenager! Doesn't take long to get back in the school routine does it? (Only 5 weeks to half term!)

Susanne said...

Those tots are really adorable - sweet pages here.