January 29, 2015

My office {ahem, craft room}

Last week for my 'Me on a Monday' post I gave you a sneaky snippet of my office {ahem, craft room}. This is in my summerhouse, remember this being built?
It was built to be my beauty room and was used as that for a couple of years until I stopped doing it, my new job required office space so Steve transformed it for me and I spent a week or so building new furniture and moving all of my craft things into it.

Apologies for some of the mess, I took 'work in progress' pics!

Would you like a tour? This is the view from the door:

...a bit closer up and you can see my expedit shelves.

Plus a view of where I sit and work {scrap}, In all seriousness.. I do work! ;)

Behind my desk is a smaller expedit unit with all of my albums and my all important coffee machine to keep a girl going during the day!

I like how colourful they are... then we zoom out! 

Hidden behind that door is where my craft room used to be, it was much smaller and my desk took up most of the room so it's nice to have working space now as well as storage!

When I craft, I get up and walk around to stand in front of the blue cutting mat, then I have lots of things to hand in baskets on the trolley {an ex-beauty trolley}.

It needs a tidy up when I eventually get round to it, I like to keep current projects quite accessible otherwise I won't finish them.

What does your work area look like? Are you neat and organised or messy and organised like me?

Speak soon.


Susanne said...

Looks great - love the whimiscal wallpaper.

scrappyjacky said...

It looks like a great space.

Sian said...

My space doesn't look anything like that! I'm a very messy worker. This is beautiful.

Melissa said...

What a lovely space! I like my Expedit shelves & keep most everything neat & organized. :)