January 09, 2015

More Christmas in January??

More Christmas!!!

Well, I gave you a day's break didn't I?

At least I haven't embedded Christmas music into my blog post.... now there's an idea! {stop it Rachel!}

♥ ♥ ♥

On the 27th, we had our 2nd Christmas. Every year everyone on my mums side gets together for a second Christmas day.. we look forward to this as much as we do the first one!

 My head was cut out by my printer, I was sitting next to Emily, under the red washi tape!! It also cut off my auntie and uncle and half of my mum... so I may have to re-print!!

My mum brought some Christmas photo booth props, we had great fun playing around with these!!

... and the Lego challenge!!! This was so funny, 6 people, 6 packs of Lego, some wine and a timer!! Hilarious fun...plus you could tell who had children that were lovers of Lego. Wink, wink! Steve won with 5 minutes 11 seconds!!!

Ahhh, Pj day... how we needed you! We were shattered, PJ's, Movies and chocolate were all we needed that day!

Day 29: It's kinda tradition!! My Red cup of the year!!!

and then the looking back...already! Scary how quick it goes, looking back it seems like some of this only just happened!

This page opened to reveal all of the pictures and descriptions....

 Phew, we are getting there aren't we?? I do apologise for all this Christmasness!
Speak soon!


scrappyjacky said...

We had great fun with some photo booth props as well.

Sian said...

I'm quite happy to keep the Christmas going for a bit longer! Those photo booth props are so cute

Margie@Nihao, Cupcake! said...

Fantastic December Daily! I have never done one, but I will do one of these years. Maybe 2015 is my year. Thanks for the inspiration.