January 03, 2015

More adventures of Luis Snowsparkle

I promised I would update you on Luis Snowsparkle, so here we go.....

Roasting marshmallows on an open {fake} candle.
Getting chased by a dinosaur and getting locked in a jar!
Chilling, watching TV with some elf Donuts.
Getting caught by the Lego men and women!
Feeling a tad unwell, poor Luis!

 Making Mini Muffins, check out his apron!
Filling the bath with balloons, I think he was a little excited... look at his sign!
Wrapping Adam and Emily's school coats and shoes up.
Wrapping up in the fridge next to the baileys!!
Using his tiny camera to take pictures of Adam and Emily asleep!!
Having fun with photo booth props with some of his friends.

 Throwing one our decorative stockings on the floor and replacing it with his own!!
Finally... Getting a bit excited, ready for Santa to pick him up when he stops by.

It was so lovely having Luis to stay, Adam and Emily are still laughing about some of the things he did.. Can't wait for him to come and visit next year ;)

Speak soon 


Sian said...

Hands down these are the best elf pictures I have seen anywhere!

Ann Caldwell said...

Just found your blog via Shimelles JYC forum, love your album!