January 19, 2015

Me on a Monday

It's a work from home kind of day....

...a walk to the bottom of the garden kind of day

... a warm your hands up on your cup of coffee kind of day.

... a stare into the computer while it starts up kind of day...

...an answer the telephone kind of day

It was very much a 9-5 day.

How was your day?

This post was brought to you by Sian's 'Me on a Monday'.

Speak soon. 


Susanne said...

It looks pretty typical for a Monday. Have a good week.

Sian said...

Yep, plenty of hand warming round coffee cups here too.

Have a great week Rachel

debs14 said...

I only work to 12.30 on Mondays :-)
Lots of warm drinks here too!

Melissa said...

What a lovely patio - sounds like it was a cold day there!