January 12, 2015

Me on a Monday

I was reading Sian's blog the other day and I stumbled across a feature called  'Me on a Monday'. I thought it was quite fun and would definitely help cheer up a Monday.
So here goes!

It's a pack your bags, the one where you kiss everyone goodbye and stop for fuel kind of day.

It's a stock up on road trip supplies, drive for miles, check into your room, meet colleagues and chat kind of day.

A phone call home to say goodnight kind of day.

A 'get an early night' kind of day because you just know the next two days will be tiresome kind of day.

How was your day?

Speak soon.


Sian said...

It sounds interesting! I'm hoping your trip got your week off to a good start and I'm wishing you a safe trip back home again.

Melissa said...

Hope your trip is going well! It was a typical stay-at-home Monday here to get ready for a busy week.