January 14, 2015

Let me introduce you to Kate

I haven't introduced you to Kate yet have I? This is Kate.....

Kate is such a good friend, she keeps me organised when I'm 'having a moment' and reminds me of my shopping lists and sometimes birthdays if I need a gentle nudge!

Such a good friend!
♥ ♥

You may recognise a few PL cards snuck in here and there.

and the odd doodle....
 My first completed week of doodles and lists, I was off work this week so there are lots of cute little reminders. I use this when I am thinking about my PL pages.

In true scrapper style I had to customise my dividers with some of my pretty paper that I had stashed.

I chose papers that I really loved but wasn't sure where I would use them, that way I could look at them all the time!

So.. that's Kate. We will catch up with her again one day, at the moment she needs to go back to work!

Speak soon. 


scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely idea....and making it really pretty is going to encourage you to use it.

Melissa said...

Such a happy planner!

Susanne said...

Pretty planner. And thanks for the intro, but I already know Kate - she carries around and protects my Nook for me.