January 05, 2015

Journal Your Christmas 2013!

I was casually looking through my Scrapbook albums {as you do} and picked up my Journal your Christmas 2013 Album... This was a crazy, busy year for me. I mean all year, not just December. I put love into the album but just didn't blog about it much or share with anyone really. I also didn't realise that I didn't finish it.

I remember not feeling as excited as usual and had a 'block' when it came to trying to think about page numbers and albums. I even made two album covers.. which I think I blogged about???

**Pauses, to go and check**

Yes, I did. HERE and HERE. I decided on the later of the two which is a gorgeous album and I'm kind of disgruntled that I didn't complete it.. I'm not going to either. I've made peace with it now and I have decided to move forward, there are so many other things I want to scrap and share and I now think I'm all Christmassed out so it's not going to happen. It's ok though, the important memories are documented and I did complete 1-30... I'm happy with that.

With that in mind I thought I had better share what I have completed before I get blocked for sharing Christmas in May! {argh, only joking... or am I? Jeez, It's too late for that warped humour Rachel!}

I actually managed to do 2 or 3 posts I think but I didn't want to send you all over the place looking, so I have put all the pictures in this album for you to see altogether.

JYC 2013 Album

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Speak soon


Miss Smith said...

I love coming across older projects from previous years :D Your album this year looks totally gorgeous, and I hope you enjoy project life!

debs14 said...

It's beaut Rachel. Makes you realise how much your children have grown up in the last year!

Melissa said...

This turned out great!