January 02, 2015

Happy new year!

Hello, so nice to see you again! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and it was full of joy, spending time with loved ones and copious amounts of eating!!?? Ours sure was!
♥ ♥ ♥
So welcome 2015! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will bring! I'm definitely starting this year off differently from last year. It's been wonderful spending more time with my family and having more time for me too. I've scrapbooked...a lot! I've really missed scrapbooking and December has been fantastic for reuniting me with one of my passions.

...with that in mind I think I had better share some of what I have been creating! It's looking pretty full now isn't it?

I created a title page using velum {rekindled my love of that too...along with stamping. Swoon!}

So before I share some pages, here are some more 3x4 cards.. I used quite a few of them and have some left over but will save them for future projects.

 Opps, there is actually quite a few of them! Apologies, this post may be photo heavy!!
♥ ♥ ♥
Let's look at some pages:

Day 10: Letters to Santa. I've added some of what Adam and Emily asked for from Santa.

Day 11: Pretty Wrapping paper.

Day 12: Luis Snowsparkle! A few of you have already met Luis and I will be sharing the rest of his adventures soon!

Day 13: A white wet Christmas! It's either been freezing here or warm and raining?! Sadly, no white stuff yet!

Day 14: The sights of Christmas... we saw this beautiful decoration when we went on our annual trip to Nottcutts to look at the festive prettiness, this was very sparkly, very huge and very expensive!!!

...a whopping £1,700!

Well I think that's enough for today, I will sort out my pictures and try and post more over the weekend. I am taking our decorations down on Sunday {sob, always a sad day!} but will try my best.

Speak soon!


Melissa said...

Your cards & pages look wonderful! Great job on this project & jumping back into scrapbooking. Happy New Year!

scrappyjacky said...

It looks great,Rachel....hope you are able to keep scrapbooking this year.

debs14 said...

What a lovely album. Our decorations are coming down on Sunday too,I will miss them but look forward to getting the house back to normal again.

Sian said...

It's wonderful to see you back scrapbooking again. may 2015 see you creating many more lovely projects. Happy New Year!

Susanne said...

That is just so very festive and merry. Glad you are back to scrapping! Our holidays were great too, and a fabulous 2015 to you and yours.