January 07, 2015

Christmas day... In January!

Actually, it's Christmas day and boxing day but ssshh! I won't tell if you don't!

Ok, so I know I'm cheating a little but it's keeping me up to date! Yesterday I went back to work but managed to blog at 11am... and today I am at work but I've blogged??
Hands up, I am writing this in the past.. the future hasn't happened yet! Ooh, let's not get all Back to Future, space time continuum {totally just had to Google how to spell that!}
♥ ♥ ♥
So I'm going to chuck a little more Christmas at you, it's still acceptable right? Journal your Christmas finished yesterday so hopefully it's still ok....Let's get cracking!
I used a mixture of Shimelle's JYC 2014 kit and Ali Edwards December Daily 2014 kit in this album. I loved this transparency with the gold writing on it from Ali Edwards DD and knew it had to feature somewhere...

The MASSIVE 25 was also from the DD kit, I've used a lot of subtle hints of gold through this album so thought it went {even though it's not subtle, lol!} very well.

The next page is completely scraplifted from Ali Edwards herself.. I saw a page that Ali had done in her DD album this year and knew it would be great with a pic of Christmas morning before the carnage!

Love Emily's face here... she actually jumped 5 inches off the ground when she walked in!

Adam... sorry about the glare, I had trouble photographing the next few. I had to keep moving my album around the house.

Again, the face! So excited... I wonder where she gets that from???

I made little fold out bits for the journaling and their present they wanted the most!!

Adam's page with fold out journaling...

...and the Christmas feast!

Wow, well that was Christmas day! We were up at 5am with the excited Adam And Emily so were quite tired by the early evening... and Steve had a night shift to go and do!

Boxing day! We finally got there! We went to visit my mum and dad on boxing day and Emily fell over on the way there.. still full of smiles though, nothing phases that girl. We had to make her a bandage out of tissue so I think she was smiling about that. The bump has gone now, thank goodness!

♥ ♥ ♥
Goodness, nearly in January... in January! I'm off to maybe have a look at some scrapbooking {I say this from the past! How confusing!}
Speak soon!


Sian said...

These photos are so lovely - those cute faces! - that they're perfect for looking at any time of year :)

TiaraHelen said...

Hello, calling in from JYC.
I love your little gingerbread men, so so cute.
And you are doing my head in with the space-time continuum, is your real name Stephen Moffat?
Happy New Year, and it's good to see someone else hasn't finished yet...

Melissa said...

Wow - you did a great job on your JYC album this year! Way to go jumping back into scrapping!