January 20, 2015

and coming in at number three...

Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend Steve's mum and Dad took Adam and Emily out to a Pantomime, It was a treat they booked before Christmas and they have been so excited about going.... that meant I had a little quiet time to complete week 3 of my project life.

As you know I was away from Mon-Weds evening for work last week so the first part focusses on that. While I was away there was a 1920's themed dinner night, everyone made a really big effort to dress up and looked great. It also snowed there while I was away which was a tad exciting as It doesn't snow much here. I did however come back to lots of rain and wind, so much so it blew a chair {they are quite heavy} off of the deck onto the grass!

 Week three also saw Adam getting new shoes {so cute, he was so excited he wore them from the minute he got home from school until bedtime}, a Power cut {from all that wind} and a lot of cold, frosty mornings.

I already love the difference of the weeks, so much happened in week one with the new year. Week two was busy with a week of 'back to'  and week three felt like I had missed a lot of the week but I suppose that's life and I like the fact that PL shows this.... so I think it's safe to say I'm enjoying it!

♥ ♥ ♥

After taking photos for yesterday's post I realised I haven't shared what my work/craft space looks like now, so I will be sharing that soon.

Speak soon!


scrappyjacky said...

A really good assortment of pics and journaling.

Melissa said...

I remember getting new shoes - of course he wanted to wear them all day! :)