December 20, 2015

A bit of JYC

I'm way behind on my Christmas album but I'm off work now and I'm working through my to-do list so it's getting closer to a craft day! There are still Christmas Lunches going on, drinks with neighbours and a Christmas Eve dinner to plan.. phew! There is a day in there somewhere to scrapbook *looks through diary worriedly*
I have completed some pages though, I loved Shimelle's idea of having a family picture at the beginning of December and have included that in my manifesto page.
I haven't journalled yet... that's another thing on my to-do list! I will journal over the vellum square though.

Our first signs of Christmas was when Luis came back and he brought a friend with him, Adam and Emily woke up on the 1st December to a North Pole Breakfast.

Again, I need to journal!!

I swapped day 3 and 4 over.. I used a 3x4 card that I made last year and didn't use but it went perfectly with the happiness theme. Santa came to our new house, the children were so excited and so happy that he knew where it was!!

They followed him all round the cul-de-sac with all the neighbourhood children shouting 'love you Santa!' It was lovely to watch and definitely made me feel warm and festive!
Be back soon with more.
Bye for now!

December 19, 2015

Reflecting on December

I wanted to post last night but time escaped me again.. Yesterday was Adam and Emily's last day at school for the Christmas holidays. It was also my last day at work so we get a lovely two weeks off together. Sadly Steve doesn't as he is a shift worker BUT he is off Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day! *Little excited dance*

I was reflecting on my 'to-do' list this morning over a cupola and couldn't believe I have got to the 19th of December without even sharing the cover of my JYC **Ekk!** Lets rectify that now shall we? 
I started off with a Studio Calico 6x8 Red Album, the same one I used last year...

I then used a white gel pen o draw little Christmas trees all over the album, I had seen an album like this but it wasn't available so I thought I would make my own.

Not great lighting but here it is after I had doodled on it...

I then embellished! I cut out a stag from some grey felt and layered it over  doily with twine an some pretty bits...

Close up?

Hope you are having a lovely Christmassy evening, I will be back soon with more.
Bye for now!

December 13, 2015

December so far

It's been a busy December so far, possibly the busiest December I've ever had. Maybe because the children are older or we have just been more sociable!!

December kicked off with Dec day, this has been a tradition of ours for at least 10 years, maybe more? So Dec day falls on the first and its decoration day, the magical day I look forward to all through November. I love Christmas decorations and spend ages putting my them up, of course this year I was more excited as I had to decorate the new house! I got to few new and exciting places to put the decorations.


On the 1st Luis, our elf returned and he brought a friend - Lilly. Every day Luis and Lilly Snowsparkle turn up somewhere different after returning from a hard nights work at the North Pole. 

Here's what they have been up to so far:


Santa visited the new house, the children were so excited and ran out onto the drive to watch him go by in his sleigh. 

We also visited Santa at the Rare breeds centre and I got to make a candle centre piece and drink mulled wine while the kiddies decorated their cupcakes.


I had my works Christmas do, we ended up bowling which I am so bad at but enjoyed laughing at the same time! 

Our neighbours hosted a Christmas party for the adults and children from around the neighbourhood which was so much fun and so nice to meet all the grown ups as before then we only really recognised the children from playing outside. Santa visited there too and gave all of the children a present. 

Steve and I went out for dinner and Christmas drinks and that pretty much brigs us up to date!

I had a child free day in with all of that so I managed to make a dent in my JYC album which I will share in my next post as I'm aware this one is quite long now! 

Have a good evening!
Bye for now.

December 02, 2015

December beginings

So there's kind of a pattern forming, every year I pop up before Christmas then drop off the face of blogger earth around January/February! I come back vowing not to do it again, well this year I'm not going to do that (vow to not do it, not just not come back on purpose!). I am going to try and be a better blogger though... Opps have I just made that vow in a different way?! 

Anyhoo! I love blogging, I love looking back and reading and thinking 'Oh yeah! I/We/They totally did that!' I like the virtual diaryness (another Rachel word) of it. I've downloaded the blogger app again, I didn't use it last time as I'm a control freak (at last, those words are released!) and couldn't let go that I couldn't do more in the app before it was published. I've made peace/found a different way/satisfied my control addiction now so it's all good.

So here's a quick catch up....

Last time we spoke it was April, there had been birthdays and Easter egg hunts and I was sharing Project Life. Hhmmm, Project Life! I need to dust off that album, I can't even remember if I have completed more pages or if I just stopped at April?? One to check! I haven't actually done any papercraft since around that time and thinking about that is quite upsetting, I won't dwell on it though because there are reason's why this happened. It's a lovely reason and it completely turned our routines upside down but they are settling again now. 

No I'm not pregnant and I didn't have another baby! Eek, two is enough for me. I only have two hands, one for each child in a state of emergency. So what was it I hear you say loudly to your screen... it was because of this:

We moved! It was a long, stressful process as they normally are but it was so worth it.

Do you have some news I should catch up on? I have a lot of catching up to do.

Bye for now.

April 22, 2015

Project Life weeks 13 & 14

We went out for a bike ride last night which was lovely, it was the first time all four us went. Usually it is one adult and both kiddies. Emily was a bit tired so went on the back of my bike in her seat, Emily is so petite that she still fits in it.
Adam was biking behind me and I turned around to check him {Steve was there too but you know what us mum's are like!} and lost my balance. Rather than let the bike fall with poor Emily in it, I put my foot down too quick and managed to twist my ankle! Ouch! So today I am working from home {after I have written this of course!} with my foot up. It's so frustrating as I was going to be travelling to London today to see the team but I can't put any weight on it so I can't see me jumping on and off trains and tubes!
Anyway a bit behind schedule, weeks 13 & 14 of project life.
Week 13 saw a poorly Adam , my nephew's 15th birthday, coffee and cake, Easter projects, tea with a friend and some funny selfie's.

Week 14 saw some achievement certificates, Easter goodies from school and a walk in the sunshine.
Week 14 also saw the arrival of April

More Easter goodness, with the start of the Easter holidays, Egg rolling, family time, my niece's 15th birthday and a caravan selfie!

On another note, does anyone know about Scrapagogo retreats? Do you go? Or are you planning on going to one?
Speak soon.

April 20, 2015

Me on a Monday

It's a back to work and school kind of day, a wake up early and find your P.E. bag after two and half weeks off, dig your school shoes out from the back of the drawer, change to summer uniform kind of day.
After a busy weekend, there was an Italian dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Steve's dad's birthday, back to football training on Sunday for Adam and Emily had a 5th birthday party to go to.
Which leads us back to today, with one tooth less!
He is so excited!
This post was brought to you as a part of Sian's 'Me on a Monday', pop over and say hi to see what's going on there!!
Speak soon.

April 18, 2015

Egg rolling

I'm definitely having a year of completing things and trying to get more up-to-date. Like Egg rolling.......Egg rolling?!
Egg rolling is something we have done with the children since 2009, to catch up on what egg rolling is check out this post.

My first egg rolling page, this was the first year Adam joined in with Aidan and Jodie. I complete this page and the next page quite a few years ago and then for some reason I never carried on scrapbooking this tradition!!

Until now! I spent a couple of hours this week printing off all the pictures I have from egg rolling over the years {I love digital cameras} and making pages that were based on the two originals I had made.
Egg Roll 3 - 2011

2011 was Emily's first egg roll, Adam was quite into it by then and spent most of the time laughing.
Egg Roll 4 - 2012

Emily was the one laughing this time!!
Egg Roll 5 - 2013

We went away to Steve's Mum and Dad's caravan this year and it snowed while we were egg rolling!
Egg Roll 6 - 2013

I can't believe this was only last year, the difference in these pictures compared to this years is quite mad! Especially in the older ones.
Finally, Egg Roll 7 - 2015.

It has been so lovely looking back through this and comparing them all.
Speak soon.

April 17, 2015

That Friday feeling

It's been a busy week!
We went to see Paddington at the cinema on Monday, I managed to get some cheap tickets and it only cost £4.80 for Adam, Emily and I!

Tuesday we went to a farm/play park/picnic area, it was a lovely hot day and we ended up staying all day playing and enjoying our massive picnic!

Adam and Emily loved seeing the animals and then spent literally all day playing! Oh to have that energy!

Wednesday was a scorcher and we spent the day outside, a friend of mine brought her little boy over and the kiddies ended up playing with water all afternoon and then we had our first BBQ of the year. A beautiful day!

Thursday was pretty cold in comparison to Wednesday and quite windy! We went out for lunch to a little café in our town and met some friends there. Emily took her babies in her pushchair and of course was dressed as Elsa - complete with Welly boots!!

Adam wore his wellies too then complained that he had chosen shorts {I did tell him!}

and as it is Friday I will leave you with week 14 of my Kate Spade.
Speak soon.

April 15, 2015

New York, New York

Remember this...

It's finished! It's quite full so I may share it over 2 or 3 posts.

I used a 6 x 12 Beige cord American crafts album, I have had this album for ages and I'm really pleased I held off using it now.

Throughout the album I have used divided page protectors as I had a lot of 6x4 photos to add in.

My gosh, I look so different there!

I loved the maps, we had a few of them as they were handed out pretty much daily and we actually used them so I wanted to include at least one through the album.
It was very cold in New York in November but look at that sky!!

We had a bit of a shopping theme in beginning of our trip, can you tell?

A bit of central park from our horse and carriage ride...

...and I had to add in a couple of dollars {much to Adam's disgust, he wanted to keep them!}

The dollars were stapled to the page protector, I didn't want to glue them down and hide the back so this way you can see more.

Yummy Milk Duds! I took a bit of a shine to these on our honeymoon {so did Steve} so I had to get some more!!

That's part one! I will share more later.
Have a good Wednesday!
Speak soon.

April 14, 2015

Project Life Weeks 11 & 12

We saw Paddington at the Cinema yesterday, Steve is back to work so I took Adam and Emily to see it. Adam loved every second and we had to stay right to the end because he was convinced that there would be 'funnies' {there wasn't and we had some funny looks when the team came into clean. He was still sat there while Emily and myself were standing with our hands on our hips}.
Emily isn't quite ready for the cinema I think, four times she climbed onto and then off of my lap, six times she asked if it was finished and three times she sat with her hands in the air!
♥ ♥ ♥
So it's Tuesday again, time for another instalment of Project Life!
Week 11 saw the board going up outside the house, a Head Teacher award for Adam for finishing his word pot and Red Nose day.
Plus a lovely Mother's day. 

Week 12: Steve's birthday, parents evening for Adam & Emily and my Studio Calico kit arrived.

Emily's favourite dress up dress this week was Tinkerbell and we had a date night with cocktails.

We are off out again today to see more animals, have a picnic and play on a zip wire!
Speak soon.

April 13, 2015

Me on a Monday

It's a rest back kind of day, the cinema watching, eating lunch out because it's the Easter holidays kind of day.

After a busy weekend. A Friday that consisted of dropping Emily off at ballet and driving to meet friends. Picking Emily up and visiting the drive through on the way home.

Waking up early on a Saturday to catch the train to London because the Big Stamping & Scrapbooking show is on at Ally Pally!!!

It was a nice day out and I managed to grab a few new purchases. I went with a fellow crafty friend and we spent most of the day laughing!! Afterwards we went for a lovely walk back to the tube station as it was such a lovely day.
I love how the pink trees look against the strong blue sky. My friend suggested a little visit to the champagne bar back at St Pancras, which I didn't know was there. I'm not normally one for champagne but it was delicious.

 The picnic taster include 3 {very small} glasses of different Taittinger champagne and three delicate side dishes to compliment. My favourite was the last one!

Sunday was spent in the garden relaxing watching Adam and Emily play. I love a lazy Sunday!

This post was brought to you as a part of Sian's 'Me on a Monday' why not pop over, say hi and see who else joined in!

Speak soon.