December 24, 2014

Merry Merry Christmas!

Well that went fast, we have been super busy today doing all sorts of Christmassy things to keep the kids from being super bouncy.

♥ ♥ ♥

First we made sock Olafs:

We also made Elf hats, I din't have any card big enough so had to improvise with a lot of A4 - hence the shape at the front but I think it kinda works??

The gingerbread tradition was next, it was touch and go for a second but it survived!!

I've always wanted to try this so thought today was the perfect day. These are Adam and Emily's fingerprints in heart shapes 

So... Santa treats were next on the agenda, chocolate covered marshmallow snowmen! These were so much fun to make and are a bit delicious!!

Christmas Jammie dodger biscuits! These are quite yummy too, I found the recipe online and decided to give them a go.

Ok, I have some Christmas day prep to do now so......

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Speak soon


December 22, 2014

It's just another manic.....Sunday!

How is everyone? Good I hope?

We had a slightly manic day yesterday, Adam was up all night Saturday night with ear ache so we were up bright and early and on our way to the walk in centre yesterday morning. 50 minutes and lots of sick later, YUK! We were there... only it's not a walk in centre anymore. I didn't know that, otherwise I wouldn't have travelled that far with a sick child.... luckily they took pity on poor Adam and managed to squeeze him in, which was so lovely of them.

He is absolutely fine, he just has a bad ear infection and a bit of a much of it about at the moment! But we got there quick and he is already on day 2 on antibiotics so all good on the health/Christmas front!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Ok, want to see some more scrapbooking?

Day 6: Christmas cozy, I asked Emily what it meant to be cozy at Christmas (she is 4) her response was snuggles under the blankie! So I just had to include that somewhere with our Christmas throw.

Day 7: I went off topic today and included a picture of Adam's nativity play at school. Unfortunately Emily had a chest infection so could not perform in her school play (she is better now though, just in time for Christmas! At least they both have got it out of the way!!). Adam was the star and had an important job of putting the big star on top of the stable. It was very cute and made all of the parents clap and loads of fairy lights came on when he did it.

Day 8: The tree... my love! I just love a Christmas tree and even though it is the same colour scheme I have to include a picture every year in my JYC of how it looks.

Day 9: Christmas treats, because we all love a treat! I made Peanut butter cups this year (I don't think I made them last year) and had to take a pic as there was 150 of them!! I made extra to take into a works Christmas party, needless to say even 150 didn't last long!

I enjoyed catching up this morning, Adam and Emily are playing with Playdoh together and I'm sat by the snug sparkly Christmas tree... I will leave you with an image of that.....

Speak soon

December 19, 2014

School's out!

That's it! I can't believe how quick it has gone but I'm now off until 6th January. It feels very strange but I'm going to have fun getting used to it!
Adam and Emily finished school today too and came home very excited as Santa visited their school and gave every boy and girl a present. It was so lovely to hear all the children running up to their parents after school excitedly saying "Look what Santa gave me today!" My two were no different and couldn't wait to show us.
♥ ♥ ♥
So, I have some scrapbooking to share don't I?
I've done some more of the 3x4 cards, which I love! I'm enjoying this new feature for this years JYC...

Day 2: These were our first sign of Christmas this year, In November we went to Disneyland Paris just as they were making it all festive. I love this pic of Steve, Adam & Emily:

Day 3: I haven't jounalled on it yet but plan to at some point!

Day 4: The Greatest gift... time (off) Again I haven't done the journaling but I am going to write about how much it means to me to have more time with my family this year.

Day 5: Cards! I love the tradition of Christmas cards, I like writing them and sorting them out into piles for sending and hand delivering. This year we seem to have more, last year seemed to be a busy year (for us too) and the children had more Christmas cards than us...I know it's not all about that but they do look very festive hanging up.

I took a picture of this page in the album too...

... with this years Christmas photo behind it! I can't believe how grown up they look now!

This is on the back of the photo as I just love it, it reminds me of a manifesto from day 1.

Well that takes us to the 5th, enjoy your evening everyone... I'm off for a celebratory glass of wine and some chocolate!!

Speak soon!

December 14, 2014

More of Luis Snowsparkles adventures

Well this little scamp has been up to all sorts!!
Day 8: Late night partying Luis?

Day 9: Luis think he is Santa!

Day 10: Luis pulls a photocopying prank!
Day 11:Sleighing down a present.
Whatever will he get up too next??
♥ ♥ ♥

On the scrapbooking front, I have actually managed to complete some pages. I will try and get some pictures today but it's a bit dark and gloomy! 

Speak soon
R x

More christmas fun!

So we need to catch up don't we?

Let's start with Luis Snowsparkle...

On 4th Dec: We found Luis on the fireplace pretending to be Olaf, Emily is obsessed with Frozen and thought this was great!!

On 5th December Luis decided to try a spot of golf.....

The 6th December found Luis Snowsparkle in an Elf Rocket! Goodness knows what he was doing!!

On the 7th Decmber Luis decided to join in with the gang but replaced Pop!!

♥ ♥

So today I had a little time to do some scrapbooking, I finished a few more cute 3x4 cards for JYC: 

I'm really loving these, they certainly make page building a bit quicker!

....and although I didn't do these today I forgot to share them last week so here are my page numbers:

I will post some pages later, finishing the kiddies dinner now so...

Speak soon
R x

December 10, 2014

Little peak at some papercraft

It's going so fast isn't it? I'm focusing on positive and not negatives this month so with that in mind let's have a quick look back on recent events:

-the decs are up, jyc started and I've completed my cover and manifesto

-I've started wrapping presents 

-I've started my Christmas cards

-the school play was too darn cute! 

-we went to see santa on Sunday! The kiddies were so excited!! 

-I've had my works christmas do and received a cute tree dec for my secret Santa

- I've worn my Christmas jumper twice

-peanut butter ups are addictive, yum! 

-totally in love with Christmas music

-Hot chocolate is the must have drink of the season

-I have 6 days left at work until 6th January.

-I've managed to complete some of the 3x4 cards from JYC 

Ok, so that a lot of lovely positive that has happened since the 1st! I just love this month!

Speak soon

December 04, 2014

Luis Snowsparkles adventures

Luis has had us laughing lots already, the kiddies love him and can't wait to see him everyday.

So if you missed my last post, this is Luis Snowsparkle....

He is so cute! 

So day 1, the kiddies woke up and found him here: 

At the top of the tree! We read the book to them but I still don't think they fully expected him to move so they were amazed!

Day 2: Luis went back to the North Pole to chat to Santa about Adam and Emily and he must have been so cold there as we found him like this in the morning!! 

I think Santa gave him the little elf boots and scarf to keep him warm!! 

Day 3: We found him having a snowball fight with Ted and Elsa! There was a lot of mess! 

Adam instantly said 'is Ted real? Did he walk downstairs to play?' Love him! Emily just looked and said 'Elsa! I didn't leave you there! You should be in my bedroom!' They saw the funny side though! 

Can't wait to see what Luis gets up to next!

Speak soon.

December 03, 2014

Journal your Christmas 2014

I can't believe how different last December was compared to previous years. My heart definitely wasn't in it and I left my JYC album alone for weeks without attention, although I did more in it than I actually shared on here. So maybe when I have a quieter day I will share some of it. Its currently up to day 29, last week it was up to day 25 so I have made a bit of progress! 

Let's move onto current affairs shall we? I found an hour this evening  and found I was quite productive, I think because I knew I didn't have much time I ended up using it well. I created my front cover (see above) and my manifesto. 

The album is a studio calico 6x8 album, I also have used random elements of this years december daily kit. I like where it has gone, the previous few years have seen a very strict theme of red and Kraft but I like the blue that I have incorporated.  

Again more blue used, I think when you buy a kit it makes you think differently. I wouldn't have used blue normally but I like it. 

The manifesto just needs some words and it's all set! Tomorrows job maybe? 

We have a little friend staying with us for Christmas, so I will be posting some updates on him too! Want to meet him? 

This is Luis Snowsparkle.

Emily chose the first name and Adam chose the second name. Cute! They love him so much already. I can't wait to share what Luis had been up to! 

Speak soon 

December 02, 2014


Is there anyone out there?

Once upon a time I was a  blogger that would blog every single day but then life got in the way.. And of course that's not a negative thing. I enjoyed it, I embraced life. I just had to stop a few things I loved to fit it all in. So blogging stopped! Scrapbooking stopped (I never thought that would happen) and I miss it, I really do. I miss making a mess, prettypaper and washi tape. I miss the crops, even though I spent most of it taking. I would always make at least one page! 

I know what happened, I say life got in the way but it was work. Work took over, it's been a hard couple of years. I started my own business and it went really well, I was busy. I had some lovely clients (I did beauty therapy), still had a creative outlet with the nail art but quite quickly it took over. I worked from home so my hours became long. Too long! I didn't have time for crafting anymore because I finished too late, I missed my kids and I missed my husband. It was fantastic to be so successful at it but I wanted my family back and of course my 'me time' too. So I made the (extremely hard) decision to stop. I closed the business and got a new job.

I now work 9-to-5 again so I have my evenings free and I can spend more time with the children and Steve, plus I now get all the school holidays off that's a big bonus - again more time to enjoy family life and hobbies!! Win! 

Anyway! Hello again, hello if you're new here, hello if you've read my ramblings before! My gosh it's December right? So that must mean it's time for JYC again? The funniest thing is that with all this having more timeI haven't actually prepared for it! Shock horror gasp! I'm not panicking though, I mean it's only the first second (meant to post this yesterday) right? So on that note I better move and actually be productive.

Speak soon!