December 04, 2014

Luis Snowsparkles adventures

Luis has had us laughing lots already, the kiddies love him and can't wait to see him everyday.

So if you missed my last post, this is Luis Snowsparkle....

He is so cute! 

So day 1, the kiddies woke up and found him here: 

At the top of the tree! We read the book to them but I still don't think they fully expected him to move so they were amazed!

Day 2: Luis went back to the North Pole to chat to Santa about Adam and Emily and he must have been so cold there as we found him like this in the morning!! 

I think Santa gave him the little elf boots and scarf to keep him warm!! 

Day 3: We found him having a snowball fight with Ted and Elsa! There was a lot of mess! 

Adam instantly said 'is Ted real? Did he walk downstairs to play?' Love him! Emily just looked and said 'Elsa! I didn't leave you there! You should be in my bedroom!' They saw the funny side though! 

Can't wait to see what Luis gets up to next!

Speak soon.

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