December 03, 2014

Journal your Christmas 2014

I can't believe how different last December was compared to previous years. My heart definitely wasn't in it and I left my JYC album alone for weeks without attention, although I did more in it than I actually shared on here. So maybe when I have a quieter day I will share some of it. Its currently up to day 29, last week it was up to day 25 so I have made a bit of progress! 

Let's move onto current affairs shall we? I found an hour this evening  and found I was quite productive, I think because I knew I didn't have much time I ended up using it well. I created my front cover (see above) and my manifesto. 

The album is a studio calico 6x8 album, I also have used random elements of this years december daily kit. I like where it has gone, the previous few years have seen a very strict theme of red and Kraft but I like the blue that I have incorporated.  

Again more blue used, I think when you buy a kit it makes you think differently. I wouldn't have used blue normally but I like it. 

The manifesto just needs some words and it's all set! Tomorrows job maybe? 

We have a little friend staying with us for Christmas, so I will be posting some updates on him too! Want to meet him? 

This is Luis Snowsparkle.

Emily chose the first name and Adam chose the second name. Cute! They love him so much already. I can't wait to share what Luis had been up to! 

Speak soon 

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scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a great start,Rachel.