December 02, 2014


Is there anyone out there?

Once upon a time I was a  blogger that would blog every single day but then life got in the way.. And of course that's not a negative thing. I enjoyed it, I embraced life. I just had to stop a few things I loved to fit it all in. So blogging stopped! Scrapbooking stopped (I never thought that would happen) and I miss it, I really do. I miss making a mess, prettypaper and washi tape. I miss the crops, even though I spent most of it taking. I would always make at least one page! 

I know what happened, I say life got in the way but it was work. Work took over, it's been a hard couple of years. I started my own business and it went really well, I was busy. I had some lovely clients (I did beauty therapy), still had a creative outlet with the nail art but quite quickly it took over. I worked from home so my hours became long. Too long! I didn't have time for crafting anymore because I finished too late, I missed my kids and I missed my husband. It was fantastic to be so successful at it but I wanted my family back and of course my 'me time' too. So I made the (extremely hard) decision to stop. I closed the business and got a new job.

I now work 9-to-5 again so I have my evenings free and I can spend more time with the children and Steve, plus I now get all the school holidays off that's a big bonus - again more time to enjoy family life and hobbies!! Win! 

Anyway! Hello again, hello if you're new here, hello if you've read my ramblings before! My gosh it's December right? So that must mean it's time for JYC again? The funniest thing is that with all this having more timeI haven't actually prepared for it! Shock horror gasp! I'm not panicking though, I mean it's only the first second (meant to post this yesterday) right? So on that note I better move and actually be productive.

Speak soon! 


Sian said...

I'm still here! I still have your blog in my Reader just in case you came back. And it's great to see you. I'm glad life is good and I'm looking forward to seeing some scrapbooking soon maybe

scrappyjacky said...

I'm still here....and,like Sian,was delighted to see you pop up in my Reader.

Susanne said...

Well, this must be the time of year for lovely friends to pop back up in my blog reader. It's good to hear what you've been up to, and that your absence wasn't for anything catastrophic - just a busy, busy life. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing about your new adventures now that you have more time on your hands. Welcome back!