August 23, 2013

**More summer fun**

So lets look back through August and see what happened shall we?

At the beginning of August I made two birthday cakes.. one for my SIL {the new York cake} and the other for a friend. We celebrated both their birthdays by 17 of us going out for a meal.

It was a great night and I didn't stop laughing the whole night!


We've also made Harry Potter wands.. the kiddies loved getting in a mess making these!

this finished one is Adams...

We've been to the Maize maze!

Please excuse the fingerprint.. It was so sunny I couldn't actually see the camera screen! We managed to successfully navigate around the maze without raising our flags for assistance {despite Adam's defeatist attitude! 5 minutes in and he said 'we are lost, let's put our flags up and wait for them to come and get us!'}

After we found our way out of the maze we played in the family area, Adam had a go in the stocks.. Emily wasn't so keen!

...but she did climb the hay tower, which was actually quite high!

Bye for now!

August 21, 2013

**Wedding Wednesday**

I seem to have lost track slightly during the summer holidays and completely forgot to post the next instalment of wedding Wednesday last week! We have been having lots of fun and have made loads of things and explored places!
{more on this later}

I previously mentioned that I have been trying new techniques in this album and this next layout was completely out of my comfort zone but I really like it! I saw a video on the 2peas You tube channel by Corrie Jones.... it was a really bright layout using misting, drawing and different pieces so I changed the colours to fit in with my album.

I really like the effect of the hand drawn heart in the background and I'm slowly allowing more misting on my layouts... the thought no longer terrifies me!!

Onto the next layout and I have a little confession to tell! I scraplifted the title from my good friend Vicki, A while back Vicki did a LO using the same photo and I fell in love with the title used!

Another technique that I have used a lot in this album is stamping.. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed it and have since purchased a few new stamps!!

..and the last layout in todays post is the official 'signing the register'.

I used my new Martha Stewart button punch {swoon} in this layout... I'm totally in love with that too! Oh the space in my heart for pretty craft things!
Ok, enough swooning right now.. I have to get to bed soon to try and rid this stinking cold!
Bye for now!

August 07, 2013

**Wedding Wednesday**

We've been super busy here again  
but more on that later, it's this time again...

There is a small little shabby chic shop near me that sells the cutest bits and bobs, I found this adorable East of India bunting and have used it on several pages in the album.


I remember my heart racing at this point, I was completely nervous and although I wanted my wedding day to last forever. I wanted the wedding vows to hurry up and get here.. I just wanted to be Mrs Brett!

The flags are cute aren't they?

My heart had slowed down and this is the moment that I wanted to last forever!!!

...I'm also addicted to these thicker letters, I love them!

I had to use a lot of multi-photo layouts in this album as I had so many that I couldn't fit them all in otherwise!!

Here is the cute little bunting again...

 ...the inspiration for this layout came from Shimelle's wedding album also, Shimelle had a cluster of flags and bunting on a layout which I loved and re-created it using the cute little bunting!


whilst sorting out some things I came across the paper work from when I booked the church and reception so I'm going to do some more layouts soon to include them..

...that's it for today.
Bye for now!  

August 04, 2013

**Storytelling Sunday - Togetherness**

Adam was 20 months old when he met Emily for the first time, there was an instant bond between the two and although a few days later Adam wanted Emily to go back where she came from he would now be lost without her.

They are the best of friends and do everything together, they play games nicely until one of them gets bored (in this case Adam, hence Emily in handcuffs!!) then they go their separate ways... but not for long!

I adore how close they really are and Adam will look out for Emily. They hold hands when crossing the road, Adam will get Emily a tissue when her nose is running and they like to hold hands walking to, and through, the school.

Even through yesterday's pirate games the bond was clear with the way they were looking out for each other and holding hands through the treasure hunt.

I love these kiddos!


 This story was a part of Sian's storytelling Sunday, pop over to read more or say Hi!

Bye for now!

August 03, 2013

**Summer fun**

The Summer holidays are in full swing and we have been finding fun around every corner! Yesterday we walked into Sainsbury's (one of our large supermarkets here in the UK) and they were offering activities for the kiddies to promote their summer boredom buster book, so before we went shopping the kiddies made different coloured pasta bracelets.....

and then they had their faces painted! Here is my little tiger cub...

and my spiderboy!

They loved being in the supermarket with their faces painted and we went for lunch too, so they found that highly entertaining as a tiger and spiderboy!


This morning after breakfast we set to making our own treasure maps, we painted some plain white paper with Tea and sprinkled it with coffee for the old vintage effect!

When they were dry we coloured them in and stuck a circle of gold card on them for treasure.

This is Adam's:

...and Emily's:

Of course they had to have a pirate hat and patch so that was the next project!

After lunch they used their maps to hunt for treasure in the garden...

Adam and Emily used the decking as their pirate ship and pretended to look through their spyglasses for signs of treasure, they circled skull mountain (the paddling pool) and stumbled across a secret house (Emily's wendy house) before discovering treasure forest (my herb garden) where they found the buried treasure (a packet of gummy sweets)!

Phew, it was a busy morning!!

Bye for now!