December 04, 2013

**Santa... We have a cover!**

I had an unexpected hour to myself today.. Now this is a rare thing these days! I ran through my mental list of jobs.. Tidy kitchen, put washing away, wrap some presents, write some cards etc etc. None of these jobs actually appealed to me in this moment of quiet so I decided to wander into my craft room... Wanna see what I did?

Yay! It's no longer staring at me willing me to decorate it (the other albums were starting to make fun of it, poor thing!). It really feels like my JYC album now and I have that inspiring feeling ready to carry on! 

...and that's exactly what I'm off to do! 


scrappyjacky said...

Looking good.

Mary Gillmarten said...

Rachel, I'm new to JYC this year and as I was looking through the 2012 Dec 5 photos I thought yours was fun with the envelope filled with things! Now that I've found your blog I'll be looking at your submissions for this year as well, I'm really having fun with this!