December 26, 2013

**Merry Christmas! Also JYC Days 5,6,7,8 & 9!**

Hi all! Hope you are having a fab Christmas? Woah well what a work wing? A fab day, but busy! I'm now chilling with a glass of baileys reviewing what JYC pages I have completed! I am up to day 13 but I'm going to share from 5-9 today. So here goes!!

Number 5! 

I ran out if time this year so the cards were not homemade! 

Number 6!
I used the back of the envelope from day 5.

Number 7!
Loving mulled wine this year!!! 

Number 8!

A bit of tree love! 

Number 9!

Lovely homemade treats!! Eggnog and gingerbread houses!

Well, hopefully I will be back soon to add more!

Bye for now!
Rachel x

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Katie said...

Love your JYC pages - hope you've had a lovely Christmas break :-)