December 27, 2013

***A cosy, comfy day with a bit more JYC***

We are having a few chilled days before there is more visiting and more copias amounts of eating and drinking!

At the moment Arthur Christmas is on in the background and I have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in my hand! Mmmm... Bliss!

So a quick post to share some more JYC then... Here is number 9 - the back! 

..... And number 10! 

I went off topic with this page and created a 12x12 envelope to hold the children's letters to Santa. 

Day 11!

My love of wrapping presents!!! I seem to be in love with twine!! 

Ok, I'm going back to Arthur Christmas with the children! I think it's the 4th time we have seen it since Christmas Eve! Definitely a favourite!

Bye for now
Rachel x

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scrappyjacky said...

I'd be happy for you to wrap my presents.....I hate wrapping!!!