December 03, 2013

**A bit of JYC **

At the beginning of last week I was browsing the online catalogue of Sarah's cards and stumbled across this beauty:

I adore it! I mean completely fell in love! What a gorgeous album?! So, I instantly had a predicament.. Do I buy? I mean obviously I was going to buy it... BUT do I use it for you.know.what?? It SCREAMS Christmas, however I had already committed to a album for JYC. Remember this? 

I love this too but I was torn.. The beauty above is an 8x8, a size I've used for JYC before and the new? Well, that's 12x12 (eek!), I vowed to myself (and even loudly to some scrappy friends!) that I would never do this size for a JYC again as it was too time consuming!

BUT the more I thought about the delicious album, the more I NEEDED it! So... It arrived the day BEFORE JYC started (don't think I've ever cut it that fine before!). Needless to say, the cover is still blank, the opening cover isn't finished.. But there is some positive!

My manifesto is complete:

It's actually 6x6! Lol.. I have sewn it to the middle of a 12x12 page protector.. You see the only way I could convince myself to go ahead with the album I (ahem) needed was to mix and match sizes of page protectors/pages!!

So there you have it! I will share more as I complete more! 

Bye for now! 


Gilly said...

Right on Rachel! I think you made a great choice!

Gilly said...
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Louise said...

ahhh..i can see why you were torn. love day 1 x

scrappyjacky said...

Definately is a lovely album...mixing and matching sizes is a good idea.