August 23, 2013

**More summer fun**

So lets look back through August and see what happened shall we?

At the beginning of August I made two birthday cakes.. one for my SIL {the new York cake} and the other for a friend. We celebrated both their birthdays by 17 of us going out for a meal.

It was a great night and I didn't stop laughing the whole night!


We've also made Harry Potter wands.. the kiddies loved getting in a mess making these!

this finished one is Adams...

We've been to the Maize maze!

Please excuse the fingerprint.. It was so sunny I couldn't actually see the camera screen! We managed to successfully navigate around the maze without raising our flags for assistance {despite Adam's defeatist attitude! 5 minutes in and he said 'we are lost, let's put our flags up and wait for them to come and get us!'}

After we found our way out of the maze we played in the family area, Adam had a go in the stocks.. Emily wasn't so keen!

...but she did climb the hay tower, which was actually quite high!

Bye for now!


debs14 said...

Amazing cakes Rachel!
Looks like you have thoroughly been enjoying the lovely summer we've had this year.

Abi said...

Looks like you have had a fab August Rachel. I love the cakes. You are very talented.

Sian said...

That's a lovely round up of what you have been up to!

scrappyjacky said...

Looks a lot of fun....and love the cakes.