July 24, 2013

**Wedding Wednesday**

I can't believe how quick the last week has gone!

Yesterday was a slightly strange day.. Adam and Emily broke up from nursery for the summer holidays, Emily will return in September, whereas Adam has finished! I think I am more bothered about this than he is though! I'm not an emotional wreck about it, I'm just subdued.. He is a proper big boy now and I keep wondering where my baby has gone!


Onto our weekly schedule!

Getting ready!

I love these shots of my sister, I got quite emotional when I was watching her have her make up done. Stacey has beautiful skin and I thought she looked like a porclain doll here.

I love all the make up shots and just couldn't decide which one to use so I used them all!

...and another:

...the next page in the album is one you have already seen:


and the new little Prince has a name! Welcome to the world His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge!

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scrappyjacky said...

I'm loving all the little details you're capturing in your wedding pages.