July 17, 2013

**Wedding Wednesday**

The next layout is based on one of Shimelle's layouts for Glitter Girls Adventure 070, I used my mood board of colours to create the page adding in more elements from page one. Hearts, red and white twine and sequins will regularly appear throughout the album.

I was sat outside in my dressing gown having a calm quiet moment after getting back from having my hair done when my mum snapped this.

Journaling reads: Sitting outside taking 5 minutes to gather my thoughts before my make up is done.. watching the birds in the tree across mum and dad's garden. There are two together building their nest, smiling and watching calmly, it just feels right!
 The photographer took this picture of my dress hanging up in the living room at my mum and dad's house, I love how it looks against the curtains.. so of course it had to be in the wedding album!

 Journaling reads: Standing in front of the mirror looking at a girl in a dress...hearing my heart beating in my ears and realising its me stood there looking like a bride in a shop in a busy street, finding the one.... finding the dress.
 ...and of course I had to feature the shoes!

Our local church is beautiful and both Steve and myself were christened there so it made sense to get married there too!

Journaling reads: All Saints Church, also known as Lydd Church or The Cathedral on the Marsh, is a church in Lydd, Kent, South East England. It belongs to the Diocese of Canterbury. All Saints is the longest parish church in Kent at 199 feet (61 m), and also has one of the tallest towers in the county at 132 feet (40 m). The church is thought to incorporate a small Romano-British basilica possibly built in the 5th century, though most of the current fabric is medieval. It was associated with local fraternities or guilds in the 15th century and could seat 1,000 people at a time. Severely damaged by World War II bombing, the church was subsequently restored and is now a Grade I listed building.

Information from Wikipedia, July 2013

More to follow! Bye for now!


K said...

Lovely pages & a beautiful colour scheme

scrappyjacky said...

Love the 'preparation' photos....so good to have those in your album.