July 10, 2013

**Wedding Wednesday**

I started scrapbooking after we got married 8 years ago, my first ever layout was of our wedding and at the time I remember instantly disliking it. I didn't know what to do or how to make the picture look like part of the page instead of  'stuck' there! So I stopped.. obviously not scrapbooking - I just stopped making our wedding album. I thought I would wait until I felt happier with my scrapbooking in general... then 8 years passed!
I guess I kind of left it in the 'for now' pile, {my new favourite phrase courtesy of Ladkyis, see this lovely post for an explanation} It was only seeing Shimelle's Glitter girl's adventure number 070 about scrapping a wedding album that made me get the pictures back out.
Our wedding colours were burgundy, gold and ivory, however I didn't want to use burgundy as a main colour in the album {it was an accessory colour in the wedding} as I thought it was too harsh on paper.. So I went with a mood board of Ivory, Gold, Brown, Red Pink and then I threw in a mix of Blue as it complemented the Red and Pink nicely. The Red appears through the album in small accents/embellishment and pink/ivory became the two main colours.
I've taken inspiration from a few scrappers and will let you know as I share each layout. So without further a do here is the first!

Journaling reads: Sending out the invites is a big milestone, it seems more real even though the church is booked, the caterer has been chosen and the reception venue finalised! THIS made my belly flutter!
♥ ♥ ♥

Look out for the next instalment of Wedding Wednesday...Coming soon!!

Bye for now


Sian said...

What a lovely idea for a series!

I really like that first page..such a perfect photo

Amy said...

Hi Rachel :) It is fabulous to see you are blogging again - love your pages today and I cannot believe how much your kids have grown!

scrappyjacky said...

A great start to the album.

Lisa-Jane said...

Gorgeous pages! I love the use of the negative spaces there too.