July 02, 2013

**Coffee morning**

Hey, how are you? Did you have a good journey? Good, come in...I've got the kettle on. Tea or coffee? Or would you prefer a spesh coffee?

So how was your weekend? Lovely! We went to Brugge over the weekend, it was so nice. Such a pretty place! Want to see some pics, I took loads but I won't bore you with them all.

We spent most of the weekend exploring looking at the pretty buildings...

and surrounding sights.

It was such a busy place, the boat tours were very popular with people queueing for ages for their turn.

I loved Brugge, have you been? If you haven't you should go! I found myself starring at even the smallest amount of colour.. like these sculptures in an art gallery.
How pretty is this?

Ooh and we found sooo many sweet/chocolate shops! This one just reminded me of Willy Wonka...

and I just loved this random amount of Pink on this street...


Ooh and look, the sun is out! It was soo warm Sunday!


This is where we ate Saturday night, they are famous in Brugge for their Flemish Stew - which of course had and it was simply amazing!

I ate soo much that I could have rolled out of there and was quite glad that we still had to do at least a 10 minute walk back to the hotel... of course we stopped at a few cafes for a beer {wine for me} on the way!

It's a shame we didn't have an extra night there as there was so much more we could have done but I really enjoyed what we did...

Ooh sorry I've just realised that I'm rambling... I know you have to go. It was so nice to catch up, we must do it again soon.

Take care, have a safe journey home!
Bye for now!

♥ ♥ ♥

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debs14 said...

Looks lovely, and Eurostar makes it an easy journey doesn't it? I feel tempted to go after seeing this post!

S said...

Oh you make me want to book my flight right now. Lovely snapshots - especially the pink building and the one with the reflections on the water.