June 23, 2013

**It's been WAY too long! Part Two**

I realised late last night (as you do when the computer is already turned off!) that you probably wont recognise me or my blog if you have stumbled across it again. I revamped my blog and changed my profile picture!
So this is my old profile pic.. hopefully I look familiar now?
Good, I'm glad that sorted.. onto to more updating, where were we? Oh yes! We left off with September... Well let's jump right into October shall we?
In no particular order, we had a Halloween evening.. We didn't take the small people out as it was really windy that evening. So we stayed in, dressed up and watched the Halloween Shrek!
Adam had a sponsored Pyjama walk around our town.. naturally Emily joined in too!
...and I was making Christmas decorations!!! Obviously super organised last year! I seriously doubt that will happen again though!!

We also went to Belgium for the day and had a gorgeous lunch! It was very cloudy that day but I love how the sky look in this picture.

Wow, that was another busy month! November was quite quiet, the only thing that really stands out is going to the Reindeer centre at the very end of November and the small people met Santa and his Reindeer.

and of course Bonfire night...

I did do JYC in 2012, I just never found the time to actually post it! I might do that this November in preparation for this year.. Oh dear I'm sorry I'm talking about Christmas in June!
That's not bad in a day we have gone from this...

to this:

Look a different front room too.... It's much cosier now.
I think I may stop there for the moment..
Have a happy Sunday!


debs14 said...

Oh my goodness, how grown up those two little cuties are! Thanks for bringing us up to date, now don't leave it so long again!

Carly said...

It's great to see your posts the photos are lovely :)